Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Brrr....and sick of Soup

Happy Tuesday! Long time no post. Spring fever has set in and it's only 17 degrees outside this afternoon! Could we heat things up already? This cold weather calls for comfort food - but the body is calling for a heat wave and long runs outside. I vote for the ladder.

Not much to report on the dining end. Actually, it might be a boring dining month. With three trips planned within the month, I've decided I need to cut back on calories and spending money on my much loved dining in general. What trips do I have planned you ask? Due to the longevity of the month of March, I have chosen to travel to NYC, Rochester, and Clearwater Beach, Florida! I'm looking forward to all three getaways!

The Dining Diva needs some excitement in her life - so I'm going to the gym and then we'll see!

Stay sassy.


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  1. Well well well...arent we the little traveler!! Lucky girl...wish I had some vacas planned...oh well!! I hope you had a great weekend...and I am definitly with you..the sunshine today really got me thinking about the warm weather that needs to get here:)


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