Thursday, March 5, 2009

Out to Lunch

Happy Thursday, everyone! The Dining Diva can not wait for the weekend! Not that I really have anything planned - but I just feel over worked and underpaid. No, not really. But I like to say that. Actually, right now I am feeling quite full. I just had a fabulous lunch with an old-time friend (Actually Ms. Sassy Pants, herself...who inspired me to start my blog). So Ms. Sass drove to my place of work right downtown and we marched our big girl pants a few blocks away to a tasty little sandwich shop. (Thanks!) It was a great time and a wonderful time to catch up on life. The sun is also out today, which made for an all around enjoyable lunch break.

We both had a chicken pesto panini with a side of potato chips. Not what I had planned on getting. (I'm trying to do Weight I had checked out the menu online before I left to choose a smart lunch choice. I was set on a boring grilled chicken salad...but, I changed my mind.) Not going to beat myself up - I am going to the gym tonight and I just will have some zero point foods for dinner. The life of a fatty is a challenge - but I'll keep moving forward.

We should feel good when we treat ourselves - so that's what I'm going to do. Ms. Sass use to come over and play at my house with me way back in elementary school...and now we're both working ladies. Crazy how time keeps moving forward. Life is so great - I just feel really blessed with my spot in life and I'd like to express that.

This sunshine has really put me in a great mood. Woo HOO!! And it's almost Friday. Lots to be thankful for. Ok, enough rambling. I'll be really thankful when I don't look like a beached whale in my bathing suit next month in Florida.

The Dining Diva should get back to work.

Stay Sassy!


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