Sunday, January 2, 2011

I'm Engaged!

I'm such a bad blogger, but if anyone still checks in on the Dining Diva, I wanted to let you know that Tim proposed to me on December 23 while on my family vacation in Clearwater Beach, Florida.  It happened around 11 in the morning while we were at the beach.  He hired a small plane to fly over us with a banner that said, "(My name) All I want for Christmas Is You! Will you marry me? <3 Tim."  Then he was on his knee and I was in SHOCK! My dad and our other friends and family members already knew he was going to ask me that morning, and my dad video taped the entire event. I think I may upload the video to share; it's quite special.  My mom was just as surprised as me that morning.  Tim had already asked my parents for their blessing back in October, and my mom was clueless as to when he was going to pop the big question.

Happy New Year!

Dining Diva