Friday, August 28, 2009

Packing and Prep: Excited!

I am so excited to go out West tomorrow! It's going to be a great time. I am finishing up projects at work today and luckily will be bringing a laptop so I can check emails, etc. . . I need a Blackberry! Hopefully my phone will be getting upgraded later this month!

Today I have a major FOOD HANGOVER. I had to work at the State Fair yesterday and then afterwards, I went with my roomie all around the fairgrounds to consume everything that was delicious and drink wine slush's. Mmmm! We had giant steak sandwiches smothered in fried onions and mushrooms, along with french fries covered in cheddar cheese. Holy heart attack! But it was amazing. I never let myself eat THAT bad...and boy was it amazing! Then we had a foot-long fried dough each. My personal favorite food at the fair. Then we had the legendary $.25 chocolate milk. Then a sangria wine slushy. Later on, (I know, I know...why didn't I just stop!) we each had an amazing chicken gyro. She also had Greek fries which I had a few. Those were awesome! I have never had Greek fries before, have you? Then we kept walking around and were able to totally enjoy the FREE Sara Evans concert! So good. She is beautiful. And her two sisters are backup singers and her brother plays the bass guitar. How cool is that?! Then after all of our singing and dancing, we thought, why not end the day with a hot fudge sundae, complete with vanilla custard ice cream?! Oh yea. I like to tell myself that the calories don't count at the fair; hence, my food hangover. I would like to add that I was at the fair from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. So it's not like I shoved my face in just a few hours, I did it all within 12 hours. Hello exercise, I will see you tonight.

Also tonight, I need to PACK! It's hard to know what to bring because it sounds like the temperatures will really fluctuate in both Tahoe and SF. I hope my suitcase can handle the pressure!

Ok, back to work.

-Dining Diva

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Travel - How I Love You. . .

So life and work (work, especially) has been SUPER busy lately! I thought summer was supposed to be relaxing. Not the case! So glad we took a little trip to Cape May, NJ - or I would feel like I never had a vacation. However, I am about to do some more travelling.

Just two more days of work (and I'm out of the office all day tomorrow) and then I leave bright and early (with BF) for Lake Tahoe and San Francisco!

I'll be in LT for a conference and my boss will be coming too. So the BF will do his own thing and then I'll be ready to hit the road to CA once the conference is over with. We decided on Amtrak for transportation to SF and I'm kind of excited about that. So that will def. be less expensive than our $600 rental car. There was no way around the one-way rental fee and I didn't want to give in. But no car will actually work well, then we can do all of the day trips and not feel bad that we aren't using our car. So. . .I have to get our tickets, but I did Priceline our hotel (Thanks for teaching me about that Ka.) and we have a fabulous hotel for just $85/night! That is amazing.

So then we'll fly back home and have Labor Day to relax and then it's back to work to face my giant to-do list.

Also, upon our return, it will soon be BF's 30th birthday!!! So that is something to celebrate and I need to get on top of that, too.

In preparation of my trip, I got a pedi and mani on lunch today. But the shoes I had on totally messed up my pedi (because I didn't wait long enough for them to dry) and I messed up my mani, slightly. So that was dumb, but hopefully no one will be able to tell.

So tonight our office is having happy hour for our departing intern, but I am not going to go. Too much to do and not enough time. I hope to exercise and start packing. The attire for our conference is "resort casual" what the heck is that?

OK, have a great day!

-Dining Diva

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rolling with Royalty

...well, not really. But I loved that title. I have been MIA in the blogging world - but still reading every one's blog. Just haven't written in long time! But I just got into work this afternoon from another media trip to Ottawa! But this trip was by far the most relaxed. I drove up to Ottawa with a few co-workers for a media meet & greet cocktail reception at the U.S. Ambassador's house. Wow! What a breathtakingly beautiful home and view of Ottawa. I love that city. Pictures are below.

Also, I have been having a bad ear ache for a week now and am taking ear drops and they are just not doing the trick. So I am sitting here in pain and can't hear out of my one ear. It's driving me crazy.

In other news, the weather here has finally been great and last week I took a few days off and just spend the entire time at my parent's lake house. The BF came over, too. It was hot and relaxing!

Not too much else is going on. Just busy at work and looking forward to a trip to Lake Tahoe and San Francisco in about a week. The BF is coming with me. I'm excited! I have a lot of planning to do though, such as travel routes, hotels, places to see, etc... I'll be at a conference for work for a few days and then we are going to drive west to Napa Valley and then end at San Francisco. I'm trying to get a rental car from Lake Tahoe airport to SF airport and for one week it's about $600!!! That's more than my flight! So I am still looking for a better deal. Apparently, one-way tickets are much more expensive. What a pain. But I'm still going out and excited to have BF come with me!

Bye bye!

-Dining Diva

Here are a few pictures: I was going to take a picture of the gorgeous bathroom, but I figured there must have been video cameras in there. But the interior was so beautiful. When you walk in, the entrance was hot pink. Love it!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Two Engagements in One Week!

Now to another Happy Engagement post! Congratulations to my wonderful friend from my hometown - That's Sassy! Sara and her BF are going to have a fabulous life together and get to go on many adventures...and I think she will be moving to Texas next year. Her ring is beautiful. Be sure to check out her post here! I can't wait to hear about all of your planning! Love you!

...on to more boring things...

This week at work has be super stressful. I found out on Monday that I would have to host a travel writer and her crazy six-year-old son...the whole thing was a pain and a lot of planning and requests...and it worked out, but not without being a total pain in the butt.

Then last night I relaxed at our company clam bake. It was quite the party and I think I consumed too much alcohol. But it was so much fun. Actually, I am car-less at work today because I had to leave my car there. But my co-workers and I danced up a storm. It was probably slightly unprofessional, but the boss was dancing with us. So then, that made this morning extra lovely. But no time to complain because we held a taxicab car wash today to thank our drivers for their hospitality. I also had to hold a press conference during the event, which turned out great. We had awesome media coverage and I can't wait to watch the news and read the newspaper tonight!

So I need to exercise badly and I just want to relax. Thank goodness the weekend is here!

Congratulations, Grace, again on the big proposal. I'm so happy it happened and there is nothing else to worry about.

Have a great weekend!

-Dining Diva

Monday, August 3, 2009


I know I am slightly a loser, but I just got the DVD's from my Canadian media interviews for work and I thought I'd share a screen shot. It's the closest I'll get to using my broadcast journalism degree! Too bad they didn't show my shoes, because I must admit, they were very fabulous. It's almost 5 o'clock! Thank the Lord!

Congrats, Kara!

One of my dearest friends from college called me this morning to tell me her big news from the weekend! She's engaged! Very exciting and I'm so happy for her! She came to visit with her boyfriend (now fiance) over Memorial Day weekend - and the BF and I visited her in Pittsburgh in June. They are such a great couple and I am really very excited for her. She sent me a photo of her new addition to her ring finger and it looks breathtakingly beautiful! I can't wait to see an actual photo of it... I'll have to post a picture on here for you all because it is amazing! So, congratulations, Lovie, I am so happy for you and Mickey!!! Woo Woo!!

"I love you, I love you, I love YOU!" :O)
-Dining Diva