Thursday, April 30, 2009

{It's May Already?!} I guess it's safe to say the snow has come and gone until next year. I didn't realize that today is/was the last day of April. It's crazy how fast time is flying by...and I'm okay with that because I'm really looking fun to summertime and all of its adventures.

So I'm watching Bride Wars right now and I LOVE THIS MOVIE! It's so funny and fabulous. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly suggest you go out and rent/buy it. I think that looks really fun registering for your wedding gifts with that little scanner-gun. haha Speaking of shopping...I went to the mall on my lunch today and found many things that I want! I'm sure some of these things are on your lists too, or you already have them.

1. Coach Store...want...everything. P.S. Did you know that if you work at the retail store, you get 50% off of everything AND 65% off at the Coach outlet stores?! HELLO! That's almost enough of an incentive to work there on the weekends! My soon-to-be roommate currently works at B. Republic but after learning that today, is considering switching employers. haha

2. Pandora. Today was the first day I went in that's relatively new to our mall. I love the bracelet. What a fab gift idea. And then you can always add more charms. I'm actually thinking about getting one started for my mom for mother's day. My sister and I could go in on the gift together and then buy a few charms for it too. It's kind of expensive, depending on the bracelet and charms. Let me know if you have one and if you like it.

There were more things but I won't bore you with my list.

And because I am the Dining Diva, obviously I sometimes talk about food. Well, I would just like to say what a fatty I am. Last night, I bought some DOUBLE-STUFFED oreos and a gallon of skim milk (ironic much?) and watched TV and dipped my oreos. Not a good idea. I had a food hangover at work today. YUCK! Then I went to the gym and did a little treadmill action and ZUMBA. That's such a fun class. I am pretty awful at it. Everyone knows all of the moves in the class because it has been happening since the fall, and tonight was my second time going. So I guess I kind of have an excuse, but by the time I figure out the dance move, they're moving on to another. It must be humours to watch me. I know I'm laughing throughout the class. If you haven't taken a Zumba class - do it! I find myself doing the dance moves while walking through the halls at work. lol My co-workers dig it.

Lots to get accomplished tomorrow before being out of the office next week at the PRSA Conference in Kansas City! Plus, I'm looking forward to the weekend. The BF is sick so I hope he feels better not only because I feel bad that he's sick, but because my weekend just wouldn't be the same without him.

Off to do a little more packing....moving out of my apartment ASAP, but before June 1. (Still homeless.)

Stay Sassy!


(And let me know how much you love Bride Wars!!)

Thursday, April 23, 2009


This is a new experience for me to actually be blogging at 11 p.m. instead of during work when I'm supposed to be working. Actually, I never feel too guilty about blogging at work because it inspires my creative juices...which I need for my communications job! It's a win-win situation. Speaking of my communications job - I have to go to Kansas City in two weeks for a conference...I'm really looking forward to it! And right after my return I am flying down to NYC with a few co-workers to promote our city and meet with different media outlets. Should be very sassy. I'll need to go shopping for sure to get some comfortable but fabulous shoes.

Today was nice. My bff met me at work and we walked to a cute sandwich shop for lunch. It was nice to catch up. The only problem that I had with lunch was when she told me she just feels nervous for me (regarding my relationship that I'm in) and she told me she's seen me hurt before (regarding the x bf of a bazzilion years) and just wants me to be happy. What?? I don't really understand why she said that - it kind of rained on my parade. I am very happy and perfectly fine with everything that has to do with my relationship and for once, I'm not nervous about it at all. I think she was trying to be a best friend and just tell me she doesn't want me to get hurt - but I don't really think that was necessary. Kind of bugged me - wouldn't that bug you? I think we just have a very odd relationship and I could def. only have one of her in my life.

Moving right along, TGIF tomorrow! I love the weekends because of several reasons but the main one being that I get to have a few sleep overs with the main squeeze! Tomorrow after work I plan on going for a run outside and then having a bar-b-que with the bf and the bff and her bf at their apartment complex. Should be fun! I'm mainly concerned about the alcoholic beverages that will be on hand. I love Bud Light Lime and a sweet margarita. I think those will be my drinks of choice.

This weekend is supposed to be SUNNY AND HOT!! A big deal for our lame city. My parent's live on a lake, so I am going home and getting my kayak out and just relaxing! But I think Saturday morning I'll go for a bike ride with the bf.

Also, I'm looking at a few apartment complexes tomorrow on my lunch break. I hope I really like one and that will solve all of my living stress and anxiety. I just don't want to be homeless and living out of a suitcase.

Well, off to bed to read some of my book, "The Man of My Dreams"...the author also wrote "Prep" which I hear is a great read.

Stay sassy!


P.S. I have a few more followers and am very excited about that! Thanks Ladies!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

{Thanks for the Award!}

Thank you That's Sassy! for the Friend Award!!

Here are the rules: These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbon of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.I'd like to pass the award on to these blogs.

{Happy Hump (and Earth) Day!}

Long time, no post. Sorry for my lack of blogging lately. I really don't have a good excuse other than I have been trying not to spend so much of my time on all of my social networks, however, my plan has failed and I've been on Facebook way too much lately. Back to blogging.

So today at work I have to take a picture of the president planting an apple tree in support of Earth Day. An apple tree is an interesting choice. Apparently there are going to be apple trees around the city soon...because we are the 'core' of New York. Oh yea.

So last night kicked off my spring/summer marathon power walks with neighbor, That's Sassy! We had a great walk and chat session for close to 1.5 hours. It was very refreshing to get some fresh air and friend time. We encountered some slight drama on the walk, of course. That is what makes our adventures oh-so-fun. Basically, along our route, we have to walk past the house of someone we are not fans of. This person, upon our return, was standing in the driveway and we fabulously walked right by, chatting away. It wasn't that exciting but it def. noteworthy.

So we are hoping to get another walk in tonight - crossing my fingers that the rain holds off and That's Sassy's blisters heal up. (Interesting fact: On my Florida vacation, the first morning there I made the BF go for a "power walk/run" on the beach with him and left injured with a massive blister on his heal and I yelled at him and told him to keep running! - I was a little moody and slightly bratty - sorry. Actually, last night the blister (now a scab) starting bleeding and he got blood on the coach! Luckily, it came off with fabric stain remover. TMI!!!)

So I am moving out of my apt. at the end of May and it can't come soon enough. Now I have a slight dilemma because as of today, I will be homeless June 1. Well, that's a little dramatic. I can move home with my parents or stay at a family-friend's house. Which is fine, if I had a date I knew I would be moving in somewhere. I'll just have to put all of my belongings into a storage facility. I am interested in living in two properties. However, not one tenant has moved out since the beginning of the year and it's hard to say when someone will move out. So I'm kind of playing a gambling game...which is very annoying and frusturating to me. And of course there is more to the story. So there is the perfect apt. (2 br/2bath) and brand new available in an apt. complex that my best friend lives in. This would be perfect, however, my BF also lives there which makes the whole situation uncomfortable. And then my soon-to-be roomie is very intersted in living there (obviously, why wouldn't she be) and I'm the awkard person saying, " I just don't think that is a good idea." But then on the other hand, I'm mad at myself because I really just want a place to live and this is just what I want. So I discussed it with the BF and he says he doesn't care either way, however, I don't really believe that. I think he would prefer for me to live in any of the other 1 million apartments available - but they aren't brand new. UGH. So this is making me nervous which makes my stomach hurt. Ugh. So I don't really know what to do. The soon-to-be roomie wants to go look at that apartment just for the hell of it, as well as several other apartments in the area. So maybe I'll do that and I'll really like one of the other older ones. Or maybe, a miracle will happen and the lady at one of my top choice apartments will call me and tell me she has an apt. for me. {Sorry for the long post - but I'm just talking about it out loud.}

And now it's sunny. I wanted to go for a walk at lunchtime, but it started to rain. Now it's sunny and I didn't get to go for a walk. Stay sunny for tonight, Mr. Sunshine.

This weekend is supposed to be 85 degrees! Fabulous! I'm going home to be on the lake.

Stay sassy!


Friday, April 17, 2009

{I'm Back!}

Thank goodness today is Friday and the sun is shining or I think I would be in severe depression upon my return from vacation! What a great time I had and how thankful I am for the best family ever and the opportunity to stay with my fam at their beach house! I brought the BF with me and I think it's safe to say he had a great time too. I'll have to get pictures posted soon for my few followers enjoyment. In a nutshell, the weather was hot and sunny, the ocean was warm and relaxing, and the sand was white, warm, and soft. We basically relaxed in the sun, played in the water, drank on the beach, bar-b-que'd, went out to eat, rode bikes around the beach, watched dolphins jump through the waves, witnesses the rescue of a pelican stuck in a close line on the beach, almost got run over by our pseudo-neighbor, hulk hogan, played with my sister's teacup doggy, and had a great time.

Now I'm back to work but today is Friday so I'm looking forward to the weekend.

I just walked downtown for lunch and met a fellow classmate and co-resident advisor from college. It was great to catch up with her. She's busy planning her August wedding and getting ready to move to New Hampshire with her fiance. He's only 24 and is graduating with his pharmacy degree with and MBA, as well. I can't believe he's going to start off making over $120K!! Why didn't I go to school for something sassy like that? I don't think I'll ever make that much money - but I'm not giving up hope. But seriously, I was like wow. Not that money means that much, but it def. makes life a little bit easier at times. Which reminds me that my boss mentioned that I would be getting a raise soon. Could that please happen sooner than later? Thanks.

Also - one of my bestest since childhood - That's Sassy - came over while I unpacked last night and we caught up and chatted. That was great. I'd rather have a handful of fantastic friends any day - over hundreds of fakers. I'm blessed with some fabulous friends (three of which, are my followers - thanks, ladies.)

Well - it's time to get moving. I cleaned my entire office today and it's nice to throw out papers and clean up dust. I appreciate a clean space.

OK - stay sassy!


Friday, April 10, 2009

Great Giveaway

Attention all skin enthusiasts! You HAVE to check out this awesome giveaway! Shasta over at Bergdorf Blondes has a fab giveaway going on. Ever heard of the Clarisonic brush system? I never have, but from what Shasta says, it sounds amazing! So what are you waiting for? Go check out her blog and get yourself in the drawing to win! Here's to exfoliated, great skin!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Mouth is Blue!!!

...because I just had four mini blue peeps. SO AMAZING. Happy Almost Easter! I forgot how wonderful peeps are because I never have them because nobody will ever share them with me because they don't like them. Well, I just went to the Christmas Tree Shoppe for lunch with some co-workers and we got some and I'm a happy girl with a blue mouth. Who else loves a good Peep? Or are you more into Cadbury Eggs. Please share.

{Leavin' On A Jetplane}

...I'm so excited I can barely stand it. This day is going to draggggg... I wish our flight left earlier tomorrow. I didn't realize I'd only have a half day at work tomorrow when I booked the flights. My fam left yesterday at 4 p.m. on their journey of a drive down south. As of 9 a.m. today, they are still driving. I'm glad I'm flying!

Also, I'm enjoying my manicure and pedicure today. It's nice to type with beautifully polished nails. :o) I went with a unique yellow glow of a color for the finger nails and a Easter HOT PINK for the toes. Very bright! I even splurged and got the spa pedicure last night. So my feet were dipped in the wax and then wrapped. It was splendid.

I haven't seen the bf since Sunday and he obviously doesn't care. (Note my slightly pissy attitude.) Well since I've been sick he no longer wants to see me. WAaaa!! OK, I'm being a little dramatic, but that's okay. So anyways, I am excited to see him, even if it is right before we board the plane. Who ever heard of putting your health before someone else? Really. That is crap. (Just kidding!) But I am super excited to see him and for our trip.

I should be productive today but I don't know if that is possible or not. Let's give it a shot. Plus, I'm hungry. I didn't go to the gym all week due to my illness, so I've given up food for the most part. I love food. I am the Dining Diva, after all. So, I'm hungry.

Stay sassy!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

{A Choo!!}

. . .that would be my way of spelling how the way I sound when I sneeze...which I can't seem to stop. Leaving for Florida in two days - so I better be healthy by then! I do feel a little better, but I think the cold meds wipe me out. I just feel exhausted. And it's not from overexertion, because all I have been doing is sleeping. I just hope the bf stays healthy so we can have a great time on vaca. Plus, I think it's harder for him to be sick than me because he has to wear a mask at work and then he has to breath in his snot. Ugh!

So on to other about American Idol last night?! Too bad for anyone who DVR'ed the show, because I'm sure they missed Adam L's performance. I can't believe Simon simply gave Adam a standing ovation. Pretty sweet. I also really liked Anoop and Allison. Triple AAA! Just realized that. That should be a T-Shirt if the three end up being finalists!

I'm getting a pedi and manicure tonight (which I really need!) to kick off my packing tonight. Is it just me, or is packing a dreaded activity? I always try to shove way too many clothes into way too small of a suitcase. And then I don't wear half of the clothing. I'll see how I do this time.

Well, lots to get done at work before Friday. I better get moving.

Stay sassy!


Monday, April 6, 2009

{Five Days To Florida!}

...but one can not get too excited for our trip down south before telling all of my fabulous followers about my weekend! (Hope everyone had a great weekend, as well.)

Friday: Hit the gym after work. Conquered the gym shower. (Very afraid of public showers thanks to my hair in the drain phobia) Went to a wine tasting party at a co-workers house. It was very fun. Bought a bottle of wine from Chile and really improved my wine tasting techniques. (Which I showed off on Sunday while wine tasting at a local vineyard with friends.)
Went to the bfs (need a nickname for blogging..any suggestions?) afterwards for a fun-filled evening of fun activities and watching part of my favorite movie, Father of the Bride!

Saturday: Breakfast at a very neat diner, finished Father of the Bride, napped, laundry, etc...Just a lazy day. Went home to get my suitcase to get packing for Florida!!!

Sunday: Woke up feeling ill.. I'm taking some cold meds and I hope my soar throat goes away as fast as it came. The Dining Diva doesn't want to be sick in Florida! No, thank you! But the extra sweet bf surprised me with a few items to make me feel better when I woke up, including cold meds, a pack of Zen tea from favorite tea!, and some kind of marble cake from the coffee shop, too. Very sweet. (Thank you!) So then we went for a drive with my bff and her bf to a local village surrounded by a gorgeous lake and walked around and then did some wine tastings. We left with ten bottles, total, between the four of us! Needless to say, our wine collection is very fabulous right now. The bf brought a bottle to his parent's house for dinner last night and I brought a bouquet of pretty flowers. Dinner was very nice and his family is so sweet. I decorated an Easter tree with ornaments with his sister. It felt like a trip down memory lane, as I did that with my mom/grandma when I was just a young pup. :o) It was funny to be doing now. I loved it.

So basically I did no cleaning or organizing this weekend and have a lot to do before Friday!!!

Stay sassy!


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rascal Flatts. . .

I've been cleaning and packing while listening to the loves of my life: Rascal Flatts. I don't know what it is but their harmonies really do it for me. All of the songs seem to fit into my life perfectly. What's your favorite tune of theirs?

I LOVE the following songs:

1. Yes I do
2. Breakaway
3. The Day Before You
4. Life is a Highway
5. These Days
6. Like I Am
7. I'm Moving On
8. I Melt
9. Some Say
10. When the Sand Runs Out
11. Love You Outloud
12. This Everyday Love
13. Prayin For Daylight
14. The Man in Love With You
15. Holes

Wow! I guess I can't pick a short list. I just LOVE them. And their one song was a life saver...introduced to me by That's Sassy! What was it called...with the "Left that loser in a dust cloud. . "That's me out.


{I'm too Sexy for this Song. . .}

How fabulous!!! My first award, and what an award to receive!!! Thanks That's Sassy!!!

So now I have to list five things that I find sexy about myself?! Puh-lease! What if I don't find anything sexy about myself. Crap. Okay well I'll give it a shot. Once I'm done I have to pass the righteous award along to five other sexy bloggers!

1. Intelligence

2. My sassy smile

3. Love and passion for family and friends

4. Passion for life

5. Runner's High (stole that one!)

Now I have to give the award to five other Sexy Bloggers! This is kind of awkward because I don't even know any of these bloggers (except That's Sassy!)

But here we go:
Right back at you - That's Sassy!

Pretty in Pink Megan

Pink Sass

Natalie's Notes

Bergdorf Blondes

Congrats - and keep it going!

{Birds Are A 'Chirpin}

Normally I would be tired today and not want to get out of bed. (Well, I didn't want to get out of bed at first . . .but then got over it) Anyways, thanks to a shining sun and the sweet sound of chirping birds, I'm happy as a clam on this Thursday morning.

Last night re-cap: I'm so spoiled. I went to the gym after work and then went over to the bf's and by the time I got out of the shower...dinner was cooked and on the table. How nice is that?
It was a marvelous meal with twizzlers for dessert.

Then we watched Seven Pounds and I didn't know what to expect. I probably wouldn't watch it again, unless I wanted to pick up more information the second time around. I cried at the end and was confused throughout the entire movie. Hmm. . .What a giving story...but I needed more background. It felt like a chunk of the movie was missing.

Busy day today!

Stay Sassy!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Friends, Fate & Food

So I made plans to spend some time with my bff last night. We decided on going to see the Diary of Anne Frank, as it was (what was supposed to be - I thought) the opening night of the show. So we meet up and try to get in the theater and all of the doors are locked. Needless to say, the information on the stage's Web site was inaccurate - and the show actually starts TOMORROW. The bff and I are not even phased by the situation, as it is completely typical for us. Since the beginning of our friendship, we have always seemed to get ourselves into 'technical difficulties.' It's a rarity when everything we plan works out. So we laughed and said, "Go figure." Luckily, neither of us had eaten dinner and were both hungry.

So now comes the 'Fate' part of the title. We decided to do dinner at this fabulous restaurant downtown and it was so great. I'm glad that the show wasn't on because, instead, we were able to relax and gossip and catch up on each other's lives.

The place we went for dinner had a three-course special for $20 and the service was spectacular. It's a fancy restaurant, as the bff realized when she used the wrong silverware and the wait staff quickly replaced the silverware with fresh pieces. Ha Ha It was funny. I could use some etiquette classes as well, but I have improved on my dining manners, thanks to my job.

We also split a delicious bottle of Finger Lakes Riesling wine. What a deal. It was a $50 bottle of wine marked half-off. I think I had a slight hang over at work today. Had a headache and had to wear the glasses.

So there you have it: Friends, Fate & Food.

Tonight is my dinner night with the bf, so I'll let you know tomorrow what we make.

Stay sassy!