Wednesday, April 22, 2009

{Happy Hump (and Earth) Day!}

Long time, no post. Sorry for my lack of blogging lately. I really don't have a good excuse other than I have been trying not to spend so much of my time on all of my social networks, however, my plan has failed and I've been on Facebook way too much lately. Back to blogging.

So today at work I have to take a picture of the president planting an apple tree in support of Earth Day. An apple tree is an interesting choice. Apparently there are going to be apple trees around the city soon...because we are the 'core' of New York. Oh yea.

So last night kicked off my spring/summer marathon power walks with neighbor, That's Sassy! We had a great walk and chat session for close to 1.5 hours. It was very refreshing to get some fresh air and friend time. We encountered some slight drama on the walk, of course. That is what makes our adventures oh-so-fun. Basically, along our route, we have to walk past the house of someone we are not fans of. This person, upon our return, was standing in the driveway and we fabulously walked right by, chatting away. It wasn't that exciting but it def. noteworthy.

So we are hoping to get another walk in tonight - crossing my fingers that the rain holds off and That's Sassy's blisters heal up. (Interesting fact: On my Florida vacation, the first morning there I made the BF go for a "power walk/run" on the beach with him and left injured with a massive blister on his heal and I yelled at him and told him to keep running! - I was a little moody and slightly bratty - sorry. Actually, last night the blister (now a scab) starting bleeding and he got blood on the coach! Luckily, it came off with fabric stain remover. TMI!!!)

So I am moving out of my apt. at the end of May and it can't come soon enough. Now I have a slight dilemma because as of today, I will be homeless June 1. Well, that's a little dramatic. I can move home with my parents or stay at a family-friend's house. Which is fine, if I had a date I knew I would be moving in somewhere. I'll just have to put all of my belongings into a storage facility. I am interested in living in two properties. However, not one tenant has moved out since the beginning of the year and it's hard to say when someone will move out. So I'm kind of playing a gambling game...which is very annoying and frusturating to me. And of course there is more to the story. So there is the perfect apt. (2 br/2bath) and brand new available in an apt. complex that my best friend lives in. This would be perfect, however, my BF also lives there which makes the whole situation uncomfortable. And then my soon-to-be roomie is very intersted in living there (obviously, why wouldn't she be) and I'm the awkard person saying, " I just don't think that is a good idea." But then on the other hand, I'm mad at myself because I really just want a place to live and this is just what I want. So I discussed it with the BF and he says he doesn't care either way, however, I don't really believe that. I think he would prefer for me to live in any of the other 1 million apartments available - but they aren't brand new. UGH. So this is making me nervous which makes my stomach hurt. Ugh. So I don't really know what to do. The soon-to-be roomie wants to go look at that apartment just for the hell of it, as well as several other apartments in the area. So maybe I'll do that and I'll really like one of the other older ones. Or maybe, a miracle will happen and the lady at one of my top choice apartments will call me and tell me she has an apt. for me. {Sorry for the long post - but I'm just talking about it out loud.}

And now it's sunny. I wanted to go for a walk at lunchtime, but it started to rain. Now it's sunny and I didn't get to go for a walk. Stay sunny for tonight, Mr. Sunshine.

This weekend is supposed to be 85 degrees! Fabulous! I'm going home to be on the lake.

Stay sassy!


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  1. good luck with all that apartment stuff, that sure sucks


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