Wednesday, April 8, 2009

{A Choo!!}

. . .that would be my way of spelling how the way I sound when I sneeze...which I can't seem to stop. Leaving for Florida in two days - so I better be healthy by then! I do feel a little better, but I think the cold meds wipe me out. I just feel exhausted. And it's not from overexertion, because all I have been doing is sleeping. I just hope the bf stays healthy so we can have a great time on vaca. Plus, I think it's harder for him to be sick than me because he has to wear a mask at work and then he has to breath in his snot. Ugh!

So on to other about American Idol last night?! Too bad for anyone who DVR'ed the show, because I'm sure they missed Adam L's performance. I can't believe Simon simply gave Adam a standing ovation. Pretty sweet. I also really liked Anoop and Allison. Triple AAA! Just realized that. That should be a T-Shirt if the three end up being finalists!

I'm getting a pedi and manicure tonight (which I really need!) to kick off my packing tonight. Is it just me, or is packing a dreaded activity? I always try to shove way too many clothes into way too small of a suitcase. And then I don't wear half of the clothing. I'll see how I do this time.

Well, lots to get done at work before Friday. I better get moving.

Stay sassy!



  1. Hi there!! You busy girl you...hope you are feeling better by friday!! I miss you!!!

  2. Hope you feel better before you leave. But if not, I'm sure that Florida sun will clear you right up! Will you be bike riding on this trip?!


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