Monday, April 6, 2009

{Five Days To Florida!}

...but one can not get too excited for our trip down south before telling all of my fabulous followers about my weekend! (Hope everyone had a great weekend, as well.)

Friday: Hit the gym after work. Conquered the gym shower. (Very afraid of public showers thanks to my hair in the drain phobia) Went to a wine tasting party at a co-workers house. It was very fun. Bought a bottle of wine from Chile and really improved my wine tasting techniques. (Which I showed off on Sunday while wine tasting at a local vineyard with friends.)
Went to the bfs (need a nickname for blogging..any suggestions?) afterwards for a fun-filled evening of fun activities and watching part of my favorite movie, Father of the Bride!

Saturday: Breakfast at a very neat diner, finished Father of the Bride, napped, laundry, etc...Just a lazy day. Went home to get my suitcase to get packing for Florida!!!

Sunday: Woke up feeling ill.. I'm taking some cold meds and I hope my soar throat goes away as fast as it came. The Dining Diva doesn't want to be sick in Florida! No, thank you! But the extra sweet bf surprised me with a few items to make me feel better when I woke up, including cold meds, a pack of Zen tea from favorite tea!, and some kind of marble cake from the coffee shop, too. Very sweet. (Thank you!) So then we went for a drive with my bff and her bf to a local village surrounded by a gorgeous lake and walked around and then did some wine tastings. We left with ten bottles, total, between the four of us! Needless to say, our wine collection is very fabulous right now. The bf brought a bottle to his parent's house for dinner last night and I brought a bouquet of pretty flowers. Dinner was very nice and his family is so sweet. I decorated an Easter tree with ornaments with his sister. It felt like a trip down memory lane, as I did that with my mom/grandma when I was just a young pup. :o) It was funny to be doing now. I loved it.

So basically I did no cleaning or organizing this weekend and have a lot to do before Friday!!!

Stay sassy!


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