Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Friends, Fate & Food

So I made plans to spend some time with my bff last night. We decided on going to see the Diary of Anne Frank, as it was (what was supposed to be - I thought) the opening night of the show. So we meet up and try to get in the theater and all of the doors are locked. Needless to say, the information on the stage's Web site was inaccurate - and the show actually starts TOMORROW. The bff and I are not even phased by the situation, as it is completely typical for us. Since the beginning of our friendship, we have always seemed to get ourselves into 'technical difficulties.' It's a rarity when everything we plan works out. So we laughed and said, "Go figure." Luckily, neither of us had eaten dinner and were both hungry.

So now comes the 'Fate' part of the title. We decided to do dinner at this fabulous restaurant downtown and it was so great. I'm glad that the show wasn't on because, instead, we were able to relax and gossip and catch up on each other's lives.

The place we went for dinner had a three-course special for $20 and the service was spectacular. It's a fancy restaurant, as the bff realized when she used the wrong silverware and the wait staff quickly replaced the silverware with fresh pieces. Ha Ha It was funny. I could use some etiquette classes as well, but I have improved on my dining manners, thanks to my job.

We also split a delicious bottle of Finger Lakes Riesling wine. What a deal. It was a $50 bottle of wine marked half-off. I think I had a slight hang over at work today. Had a headache and had to wear the glasses.

So there you have it: Friends, Fate & Food.

Tonight is my dinner night with the bf, so I'll let you know tomorrow what we make.

Stay sassy!


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