Thursday, April 23, 2009


This is a new experience for me to actually be blogging at 11 p.m. instead of during work when I'm supposed to be working. Actually, I never feel too guilty about blogging at work because it inspires my creative juices...which I need for my communications job! It's a win-win situation. Speaking of my communications job - I have to go to Kansas City in two weeks for a conference...I'm really looking forward to it! And right after my return I am flying down to NYC with a few co-workers to promote our city and meet with different media outlets. Should be very sassy. I'll need to go shopping for sure to get some comfortable but fabulous shoes.

Today was nice. My bff met me at work and we walked to a cute sandwich shop for lunch. It was nice to catch up. The only problem that I had with lunch was when she told me she just feels nervous for me (regarding my relationship that I'm in) and she told me she's seen me hurt before (regarding the x bf of a bazzilion years) and just wants me to be happy. What?? I don't really understand why she said that - it kind of rained on my parade. I am very happy and perfectly fine with everything that has to do with my relationship and for once, I'm not nervous about it at all. I think she was trying to be a best friend and just tell me she doesn't want me to get hurt - but I don't really think that was necessary. Kind of bugged me - wouldn't that bug you? I think we just have a very odd relationship and I could def. only have one of her in my life.

Moving right along, TGIF tomorrow! I love the weekends because of several reasons but the main one being that I get to have a few sleep overs with the main squeeze! Tomorrow after work I plan on going for a run outside and then having a bar-b-que with the bf and the bff and her bf at their apartment complex. Should be fun! I'm mainly concerned about the alcoholic beverages that will be on hand. I love Bud Light Lime and a sweet margarita. I think those will be my drinks of choice.

This weekend is supposed to be SUNNY AND HOT!! A big deal for our lame city. My parent's live on a lake, so I am going home and getting my kayak out and just relaxing! But I think Saturday morning I'll go for a bike ride with the bf.

Also, I'm looking at a few apartment complexes tomorrow on my lunch break. I hope I really like one and that will solve all of my living stress and anxiety. I just don't want to be homeless and living out of a suitcase.

Well, off to bed to read some of my book, "The Man of My Dreams"...the author also wrote "Prep" which I hear is a great read.

Stay sassy!


P.S. I have a few more followers and am very excited about that! Thanks Ladies!

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  1. Hi Dazzling D,
    Your Kansas City and NYC trips sound fabulous!! Im sure you will have a great time meeting new people and promoting our lovely metropolis!! Sounds like you have a sun filled weekend planned!! You know Im always here if you want to chat..dont worry about bff's comments she always means well...and as long as you and your guy are happy then no worries:) love you


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