Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Mouth is Blue!!!

...because I just had four mini blue peeps. SO AMAZING. Happy Almost Easter! I forgot how wonderful peeps are because I never have them because nobody will ever share them with me because they don't like them. Well, I just went to the Christmas Tree Shoppe for lunch with some co-workers and we got some and I'm a happy girl with a blue mouth. Who else loves a good Peep? Or are you more into Cadbury Eggs. Please share.

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  1. LOVE PEEPS!! And I gave up sugar for lent. It's killing me. Although I think lent might be over - word on the street is it actually ended at Supper time on Holy Thursday. But I feel iffy about that, so I'm still holding on. But it will be Jelly Bean and Peep city for me on Sunday!!


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