Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rascal Flatts. . .

I've been cleaning and packing while listening to the loves of my life: Rascal Flatts. I don't know what it is but their harmonies really do it for me. All of the songs seem to fit into my life perfectly. What's your favorite tune of theirs?

I LOVE the following songs:

1. Yes I do
2. Breakaway
3. The Day Before You
4. Life is a Highway
5. These Days
6. Like I Am
7. I'm Moving On
8. I Melt
9. Some Say
10. When the Sand Runs Out
11. Love You Outloud
12. This Everyday Love
13. Prayin For Daylight
14. The Man in Love With You
15. Holes

Wow! I guess I can't pick a short list. I just LOVE them. And their one song was a life saver...introduced to me by That's Sassy! What was it called...with the "Left that loser in a dust cloud. . "That's me out.



  1. Of course Miss Diva..that song was No Reins...fabulous song and rings soo true!! It's hard to pick just one favorite of my loves Rascals but I would have to say The day before you, Then I did, Mayberry, Pieces, My wish, ahhh it could go on and on...Have a great friday!

  2. I just saw them on the 6th and had the BEST TIME!!! I'm partial to winner at a losing game, yes i do, while you loved me, and bob that head


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