Friday, August 7, 2009

Two Engagements in One Week!

Now to another Happy Engagement post! Congratulations to my wonderful friend from my hometown - That's Sassy! Sara and her BF are going to have a fabulous life together and get to go on many adventures...and I think she will be moving to Texas next year. Her ring is beautiful. Be sure to check out her post here! I can't wait to hear about all of your planning! Love you!

...on to more boring things...

This week at work has be super stressful. I found out on Monday that I would have to host a travel writer and her crazy six-year-old son...the whole thing was a pain and a lot of planning and requests...and it worked out, but not without being a total pain in the butt.

Then last night I relaxed at our company clam bake. It was quite the party and I think I consumed too much alcohol. But it was so much fun. Actually, I am car-less at work today because I had to leave my car there. But my co-workers and I danced up a storm. It was probably slightly unprofessional, but the boss was dancing with us. So then, that made this morning extra lovely. But no time to complain because we held a taxicab car wash today to thank our drivers for their hospitality. I also had to hold a press conference during the event, which turned out great. We had awesome media coverage and I can't wait to watch the news and read the newspaper tonight!

So I need to exercise badly and I just want to relax. Thank goodness the weekend is here!

Congratulations, Grace, again on the big proposal. I'm so happy it happened and there is nothing else to worry about.

Have a great weekend!

-Dining Diva


  1. Thank you my dear!!! I am actually in the lovely hometown this weekend. Tomorrow I am catching an afternoon movie with Ash so I will fill you in next week and then Sat night Fiancee lol has family in town then Sunday my sis, bro in law and i are going to enchanted forest for the day!! Woo hoo...fiancee has golf tourney with zamper...We should meet up this week!! Let me know what night is good for you! Love and miss you lots and thanks again for the sweet post:)

  2. Yeah! Congrats to your friends!


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