Monday, March 30, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday...

...I wish it was Sunday 'Cause that's my funday Woah Woah....Shout out to The Bangles!

(But this isn't that manic of a Monday - however - yesterday on our road trip back from Niagara Falls it came on the radio - and I decided it would be an outstanding title for today's blog.)

So what a weekend! I'll give you the short version and then stay tuned for a spectacular array of photos from the weekend, as well.

Friday: Watched the SU game at Quaker Steak & Lube with the bf and his friend. It was PACKED there...however...I am still totally impressed with the excellent customer service that was delivered. Our wait for a table was minimal, the bar tenders came right over once I got to the bar, our waitress was friendly and fast, the wings were amazing and hot, and we had a great table right in front of a TV. I would have expected long waits and mediocre food because the parking lot was overflowing with vehicles - gladly - this was far from the case. You Rock, Quaker Steak & Lube. The Dining Diva will be back, for sure! (Too bad SU lost, but they did have a nice journey).

Saturday: Woke up early, had a nice run at the gym, had some breakfast and hit the road to Niagara Falls. It was a glorious day. The sun was shining and it was the perfect weather for a drive. So we had our first mini-vaca together and it was a total blast. Passports in hand, we successfully crossed the Canadian border and headed to our hotel. We had a a great view of both the American and Canadian falls from the 21st floor of the Hilton Hotel. Niagara Falls is def. a majestic sight to be seen. Pretty incredible. We hit the streets and walked down for what would turn in to be quite the adventure of photography. Did you know it's pretty fun to ask people to take your picture? And then see the different way people actually take the photos? I was really overwhelmed by the kindness and positive attitude complete strangers had when taking our pictures. And let me tell you - we have quite a variety of photos. The bf is REALLY into smiling so he really couldn't get enough of himself! :o) Just Kidding! Actually, for being a dentist, you would think he would really love showing off his pearly whites - NOPE! Not to worry - I'm taking care of this situation - and you will see a whole lot of teethy smiles once I post the pictures.

Moving right along. . .We walked around the city and went to lunch at T.G.I.Fridays. Continued walking. Relaxed at the hotel. Changed for dinner and dancing. Went to dinner. Gambled with the fun pull-down machines at the Casino (lost some $$$), Went to a few places for magnificent martinis...My favorite bar was on the very top floor of the Hilton. We had a great few of the falls down below.

Packed our bags and left Canada for the great city of Buffalo. The bf gave me the grand tour of the city and showed me his old apartment and where he went to school. We went out for brunch at a really cool restaurant/bar and then got back on the Thruway towards home.

I couldn't drive past the Outlets without stopping...(Eeek!) we took a quick break at the Coach outlet and I purchased (what a great sale,btw!) this great Coach bracelet that has been on my wish list and an awesome over-the-shoulder purse which will be great for traveling/bike riding/anything.

Then came home, grocery shopped, and finished "Where the Heart Is"...which was a great book. What should I read next?

Time to finish up at work and head to the gym.

Stay Sassy!



  1. Wow!!! Sounds like a wonderful getaway!! Can't wait to see the pictures!!! I am glad you enjoyed Where the heart is!! You can always borrow another book of mine or we could go the library when were little lol Remember our troll collection:)

  2. Is "where the heart is" America and the Wal-Mart store? I read that one a while back, but from what I remember, it was good!

    Since your blog is inspired by food, you should read "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" - it was really interesting. It even inspired me to grow my own crops this season.

  3. Hi Kara, mylove! Thanks for posting. Yes - that's the book. It was wonderful. Thanks for the tip on that book...I'll have to get it. You're growing your own crops? I love you, Martha Stewart. :o)


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