Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dancing in the Kitchen

What a fun night it was last night! Instead of going out to eat, the "dinner partner" and I (we haven't officially confirmed that we're bf/gf...I'm not really into titles) planned to make my weight watcher Lasagna. So, I went over to his apartment, loaded with all of the ingredients, including my garlic press, a bottle of fabulous Washington State Riesling, fresh Italian bread from Pastabilities and their oh-so-delicious zesty tomato olive oil dipping sauce. So, I came over after work with the items and we turned on the music and got to work. Cooking has never been so much fun! The man is much more comfortable in the kitchen than me. To be exact, I believe he said, "Cooking is an art...put down the recipe." So, I did. Well, kind of. I was more of the direction giver and he was my helpful assistant. He chopped the veggies and spread the cheese. I drank the wine...directly from the bottle. We were having quite a bit of fun. One of the highlights was his Britney Spears dance moves. It was pretty fabulous. So the menu was this delicious veggie lasagna, meatballs, fresh string beans, fresh Italian bread and zesty tomato dipping sauce, tossed salad, two bottles of wine, vodka, lemonade, grape pucker. Ahh....I'm exhausted and full just listing off the meal. But I must say, it was very fabulous. And such a fun evening. I'm feeling the full belly and tired head today at work, that's for sure! I think our next dinner-making date should be reserved for the weekend.

And for anyone who doesn't own a garlic press - I highly suggest you purchase one. I had quite a bit of fun using it. "I can't cook, but I am one heck of a garlic presser!"

Stay sassy!


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