Friday, March 20, 2009

I Heart My Job!

Let's go SU! (Like my orange ribbon in my hair? I'm quite festive.)

What a great afternoon at work! We all went downstairs to watch the game on the big screen and dine on outrageously delicious pizza and char-grilled wings from OIP. For dessert, we had chocolate covered pizza and wings from the well-known Chocolate Pizza Company. They were even featured on the Food Networks's program, 'Unwrapped'. It was very generous of the bosses to let us all cheer on our basketball team for a few hours. Really made my Friday that much better. And we won. My NCAA bracket is looking pretty strong. Right now, I'm in fifth place. Not too shabby for having no idea about any of the teams and just picking winners based upon my wacky way of thinking. (ie. I choose Gonzaga and Xavier to do well, due to their interesting names.) Don't laugh - my way of thinking could deliver. We'll just have to wait and see. For all of you who are doing brackets - who do you have going all the way? I chose Pitt - even though I bleed orange.

On another note - it is a wonderfully sunny day today for the first day of spring! Goodbye winter. I won't miss all.

On to this evening's festivities. I have been invited on a hot date and I'm looking forward to it. The man will be picking me up at taking me to Carrabba's for a romantic dinner and lots of sangria. Ha! I don't really know about the romantic part - but I can confirm that we will be drinking sangria. On our first date he ordered a sangria and I was impressed with his exciting drink selection. (I believe you can tell a lot by a person's choice of drink.)

Then in the morning, I just might participate in a 5-mile run starting at 8 a.m. downtown. This is a training run for an upcoming 10 mile road race in May. I don't even know if I can run 5-miles, but I'd like to try it. So we'll see how that goes.

Stay sassy!


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