Thursday, March 26, 2009

Life is Goooooood

This week sure does seem to be taking its sweet time. I can't wait for the weekend! I am really just very happy at this moment in my life. I feel really excited and lucky to be alive and living and blessed with a fabulous family and spectacular friends and a sassy bf. :o) What can I say? I can't seem to stop smiling and that feels freakin' fantastic. I'm wearing contacts today - finally - after a five month sabbatical with severe and chronic dry eye syndrome. It really was awful - and it's not gone yet - in fact - my eyes are super dry as I type away - but at least I have my contacts in and I'm not dying of a brain tumor (as I previously suspected and actually underwent an MRI to determine my fate.) I'm going to live - thank God!

I had a half day of work yesterday and then a great evening. I chatted it up with my mom and ate cheese balls with her for fun and then drove over to the bf's for a walk in the park (I attempted to run a little bit) and then we went to Wegmans and picked up some items for dinner. Actually, for a quick dinner it was pretty splendid.

The menu:
Lemon pepper rotisserie chicken
Fresh asparagus
tossed salad
uncle Ben's rice ( love it )
fresh Italian bread

strawberry/pineapple daiquiris
fresh watermelon and pineapple

It was tasty. I love spending time with him. They we watched America Idol and my favorites are the guy who went first, Adam Lambert, and Allison. I was almost brought to tears during Adam's performance. It was wonderful - he was/is wonderful. I enjoyed his singing and sincerity immensely.

Travel Update:
Since my previous blog - we have chosen Niagara Falls as our weekend getaway destination. We're staying at the Hilton and I think we might have a room with a view of the falls which is really exciting. I don't know what we are going to do there - but rumor has it that we might go out and break out some dance moves. Oh baby! Ha Ha That should be fun.

So, back to work. . .

Stay sassy!


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