Monday, March 16, 2009

Finger Lickin' Good

What a great way to kick off the work week! My Monday started with a 10 a.m. press conference at the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que! And it was freakin' fantastic. The conference was held in the brand new catering/banquet facility located above the restaurant. What a great space and atmosphere. I'm sure many fabulous fiestas will be held upstairs. So, the conference was to announce the 2009 lineup at the Northeast's largest, free outdoor jazz concert - Jazz Fest. This year's headliner will be Kenny G. Very cool. I also bumped in to an old mentor of mine. She has her own morning talk show on an adult contemporary radio station here and her husband organizes the music festival. It was great to see her for a few minutes. I was an intern on her morning show a few years ago and I'm pretty sure she gave me a glowing review to my current employer when she was called as a reference for me. (I thanked her again today. I love my job.) In any case - after the conference (that was complete with great live jazz music by some local students who just won Grammy awards for their musical talent!) there was a great Dinosaur Bar-B-Que buffet...and it was finger lickin' good!

My food experience at 11 a.m. this morning was exceptional. Now I know why Peter Greenburg (TODAY Show) always requests Dinosaur grub when he comes here! I have always ordered the pulled pork and it's usually pretty good. But today, I tried the bbq ribs and they were AMAZING. And it wasn't just me that fell in love - my pregnant co-worker was in finger lickin' heaven, right along with me. They also had wings on the menu...I tried one...but I am just not a fan of chicken wings.

So after a tasty meal of ribs, wings, baked beans, broccoli salad and corn was time to take some peanut butter brittle and head back to work.

(What a fatty I am, I know!) And I had actually brought corn beef and cabbage left overs for lunch today .... I'll just have to have that tomorrow.

So for lunch today, a friend and I went for an hour-long power walk. It was great. The sun was shining and the city looked alive. I loved it. We stopped at a local coffee shop for a delicious iced coffee. It was great. At the coffee shop, we bumped in to a family friend of mine and his co-worker (who I just met this weekend at the St. Patrick's Parade). The only reason why I'm mentioning our meeting today is because I can't believe how rude this guy was! He didn't even shake my friend's hand or really look up from his newspaper to show any sign of being a nice person. What a jerk. That really fired me up and increased my speed for our walk back to the office.

That's all for now! Looking forward to hitting the gym tonight!

Stay sassy!


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  1. Love the new layout!!! Very sassy!! Lucky girl..Dinosaur BBQ yummy..while I had my lovely the perks of your job:)


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