Tuesday, June 9, 2009

{Time to Travel}

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

A few updates to my upcoming travel plans.

1. Taking a half-day on Friday to head to Pittsburgh with BF. I'm very excited for our road trip and can't wait to hit up Wegman's to grab some road trip essentials for our cooler I plan on packing (even though he doesn't want to and just wants to stop at McDonald's. No, thank you.)

Our trip has a two-fold purpose.
1. We are going to go and visit his grandmother Saturday morning for brunch and to visit. He hasn't seen her since last fall! So, I think it will be nice for him to see her and I'm happy to meet her, too. She has been feeling pretty ill lately as she was undergoing chemotherapy. Hopefully we can lift her spirits while we're there and not tire her out.

2. Afterwards, we'll drive just over an hour, I believe, to visit my friend's Kara and Mickey (they visited me Memorial Day weekend and are in the pictures in a post below.) I'm so excited to visit them at Mickey's cabin. Apparently it's their summer kick-off party and it's an annual fiesta that shouldn't be missed. I can't wait!

So it will be a jam-packed weekend and I'm looking forward to it. Then it will be back to Monday again and I'll be looking forward to the next weekend. Then it's my birthday! So there is lots of excitement and activity in June!

Next travel update:

The BF and I are planning a long weekend mini-vacation this July but have too many destination options to choose from. At this point I think Cape May, NJ is looking great. Has anyone ever been there before? I've never even heard of it, but it looks super cute and nice. It's an actual island at the southern tip of NJ. OR I'm still looking for cheap flights to the coast of the Carolina's. I would like to go to the Outerbanks or Charleston. So, I think Maine and Cape Cod are out.

Where are you going for a summer vacation? or where do you recommend?

Dining Diva


  1. Tomorrow night looks good right now to meet up!! I am free tonight as well! I didnt know about your Penn. trip this weekend!! Meeting extended family thats exciting!! James and I are leaving friday for Saratoga and we are there till Sunday Morning...two DMB shows in weekend ahhh lol Let me know about tonight or tomorrow love you and MISS YOU lots!!

  2. thank you for your kind words!! i spent last weekend in houston. sort of a painful mini-vaca. but I will be spending fourth of july weekend in st louis...i guess thats my summer vaca. I have family up there and it has become my tradition to head up there around that time of year. they treat the 4th likes it mardi gras!


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