Thursday, June 25, 2009

{Best Birthday Ever!}

That's Sassy! told me that this year was my Champagne birthday! (I turned 24 on the 24th!) And maybe that's why it was such a fantastic birthday. It was just wonderful, I'm still smiling.
It started off with my beautiful flowers on Tuesday from the BF with a sweet card. Then his parents had such a nice birthday dinner for me. (So sweet!) With chicken kabobs, corn on the cob, rice, grilled peaches, and pink lemonade. We sat outside and it was so nice. Then they even had ice cream cake with the candles that act like sparklers and you have to keep blowing them out. And balloons and sweet cards! I was and still am just really touched. I thought that was so special of them - I haven't even known them for that long. Then the BF and I went for a long bike ride and it was just a nice, warm night. Loved it. THEN, the next day, my actual birthday, the BF kicked-off the day with my extra special birthday card and present! All I wanted for my birthday was a card from him, because he hasn't given me one before. Well he gave me the best card ever, which basically said he loved me. Which was SO EXCITING. I don't know when I turned into such a sappy person, but I have been dying to tell him I love him because I do and I just like to let the people I care about, know how I feel. So I was so thankful to hear that and that was the best birthday gift I could have ever wished for. He also gave me a gift certificate to get some sassed out sunglasses at the Sunglass Hut . . .so I'm looking forward to picking out a pair. THEN - we went golfing. It was a great morning to golf. I am horrible, but it was really fun. Then we went to my parents house on the lake and my friend and her boyfriend came over, too, and we spent the day on the boat. It was just an all around exceptional birthday. I am truly blessed with all of my friends and family in my life. I took some pictures, so hopefully I can post them soon.

One more day until the weekend - then I'm off to Ottawa for work! Then it's the 4th of July!

-Dining Diva


  1. Aww how sweet! You smitten girl you!! Lovie Dovie D!! I am soo happy for you and so glad you had a beautiful day!!

  2. Yay- Sounds a lot like my 24th Birthday this year! I think being in Love makes it even more special :o)


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