Friday, June 5, 2009

{New Pad & Food}

Hola Party People!

So, lots has been going on in my life lately and I'd love to update you. Well, I couldn't be happier in my new apartment with my new roommate. The actual apartment is large and very comfortable and I think I'll love the living room with the fire place when it gets cold in a few months. (Let's think about summer first!) But my roommate is so much nicer and I think we'll love living together. We already work together - so some may think that we will see each other too much, but I think it will be fine. She's much more like me and just a nice person. So I have lots of decorating to do, such as hanging stuff up on the walls. . .but hopefully I can tackle some of that this weekend. I did just buy a sassed out hot-pink king bedskirt for my bed, so I am looking forward to that pulling the colors together in my bedroom. Right now I have a giant orange and hot pink gerbera daisy duvet on my bed. . .so I thought the hot pink bed skirt would be a perfect match. The bf helped me hang up a few items the other day, but we have much more to do. I did put together a bathroom shelving unit (took 3 hours) but I did it. That felt good to accomplish. Also, my favorite thing to hang on the wall is the "apartment-warming" gift that bf gave me. That was so nice of him. It's this giant mirror from Pier 1 and it had a hot pink/orange hue of mixed colors around the border. It must weight about 35 pounds. . .so it needs to be hung will and strategically. The mirror below is basically what is looks like, but no blue. Just pinks and oranges . . .love it.Next, today at work, the Dining Diva had a fab. lunch break. Today at 11 a.m. kicked off a favorite local and downtown festival called, "The Taste of __________" (the name of my city fills in the blank but I'm just so-oh-mysterious that I thought I'd leave that blank.) Anyhow, it's a great event and it's a beautiful day. I'm going back after work too. Basically hundreds of restaurants set up a booth and offer food for $1. There is also a wine tent (had a sangria wine slushie already - oops!) and live music and entertainment. Today a group of us from work went and I had way too much, as usual. Let me tell you: strawberry shortcake (dessert first!), chicken gyro, sangria slushie, garlic pizza, twist with sprinkles. {Just so you don't think I'm a complete fatty, let me tell you that these are all small portions - they are a $1}

But I'm looking forward to this evening. Should be fun, however, I sometimes don't like being in crazy crowds of people. But I hope I like it. Last year I went at night and it was kind of trashy and disappointing. I also had my jerk of an x-bf with me so that could put a damper on any evening. So here's to tonight and this weekend.

Stay sassy!


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