Friday, June 5, 2009

{Is it 5 p.m. yet?}

So sangria for lunch isn't the best idea if I planned on being productive this afternoon. So, I've been researching destinations for me and the bf's July mini-vacation. His ideas were Maine, Cape Cod, or Cape May. I have been looking at Bar Harbor, Maine and it does look gorgeous. My problem is that vacation to me is beach, sand, heat, ocean, etc. . .So I would like to go to the south. But July is too hot to go to the south. So Bar, Harbor is looking pretty good. . .but that's a long drive. Then I was thinking about somewhere right here in New York State. I do promote tourism in the state, that would seem like an appropriate decision. Any suggestions? I'm very open to any.

So, also, I'm listening to some fabulous music. I love this playlist!! It's actually off of Politics and Pearl's blog. And I have deceided that I love Adele!!! I love Right as Rain! So sassy! And Brad Paisley's song, 'Then' is my new favorite. What a sweet song. Love it.

Ok. . .it's almost 5 p.m. . . .Thanks for listening to me blab on for the afternoon. And Happy National Doughnut day, too! I heard Krispy Kreme is giving them out for free!

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