Tuesday, June 16, 2009

{I love the sun!}

It's a gorgeous day today and I hate being inside at my desk. Not too much longer and I'll be outside and hopefully running and biking! We have the Iron Girl Triathlon coming to town in July, and I am supposed to be on a relay team. I'm the biker. That's happening next month.

Just some fun information:

1. Go to Victoria's Secret. Today started their semi-annual sale. On my lunch break I managed to spend just about $85 on a fabulous bathing suit, shorts, and lots of lotion, perfume, and hair products. Did I really need any of it? Not really, but I am excited about it all.

2. My trip to Pittsburgh was fantastic! The BF and I had a great time together and it was wonderful to see Kara again. It just happened to be the Stanely Cups championship game Friday night and it was very fun to be in Pitt during the game. Talk about community/team spirit! Those Yinzers (people who live in Pittsburgh) don't mess around when it comes to their teams. And the Penguins won! So that was exciting to be around all of the excitement. We had dinner on the river at Station Square and then walked over one of the big, yellow bridges back to our hotel. Which, btw, was a great hotel. I used Priceline.com to bid on a room in the city and ended up getting one for just under $90 with tax. (Note: You can't cancel a room if you bid on it with Priceline.com, which stinks if you're a dummy like me and bid on a room for the wrong month! So now I also have a room for July which I don't need or want.) So then we hand lunch with his Nana and great aunt Saturday morning at EatNPark. Never been to one before and it wasn't too shabby. I think the BF was happy to see him g'ma and she was happy to see him, too! Then it was off to Kara and Mickey's cabin about 1.5 hours away. We had a fun time, filled with cowboy boots and dancing. Hopefully, I'll have pictures to share soon. Then we drove back (a long drive for a girl with undiagnosed ADD) and grabbed dinner at Quaker Steak & Lube before being ready for bed. BF said it felt like our first date because I asked so many questions. What the heck does that mean?! But he assured me (because he knows I slightly worry about everything) that he meant that in a good way. I know I like to ask questions, and I think the lack of sleep might have had something to do with my curiosity.

So, for tonight, I plan on running and hopefully going for a bike ride with BF.

-Dining Diva

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  1. LET'S GO PENS!!! So glad you came for a visit! Can't wait until the next one!


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