Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanks, Mrs. Bear!

When I hopped on my blog this weekend, to my surprise, I had a message from Mrs. Bear over at "Think Happy Thoughts" (one of my new favorite blogs!).  I was one of the two winners who won her recent giveaway! I was so excited - I never win anything.  And the prize is fabulous and very timely, I might add. (I've recently been attempting to cook much more than usual). Mrs. Bear is working with "A Paper Lane" on Etsy and is sending me personalized recipe cards! The best part is that Mrs. Bear is including some of her own recipes on the cards, too.  I'm looking forward to getting them and cooking some more.  Thanks again, Mrs. Bear!  And I have a few engaged friends that are "followers" of mine, and I highly suggest you check out Think Happy Thoughts; it's totally the wedding I would like to have!  (On the white sandy beach of Florida!)

-Dining Diva

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