Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Clean Teeth

Not much to report on this Tuesday, other than it's almost 5 p.m. and I can't wait to get out of work!  I need to go to the gym tonight.  I tried an old Pilates DVD last night and realized I am OUT OF SHAPE!  Running is much different than getting "long and lean."  How about my healthy lunch today:  A $1 box of Sour Patch Kids.  Oops!  Thank goodness for my fabulous new SONICCARE TOOTHBRUSH!  Thanks to the bf, I have the greatest electric toothbrush ever!  I highly suggest you add it to your holiday wish list.  It feels like you just had your teeth professionally cleaned - every time! And I also really love the toothbrush because it has an attached UV sanitizer.  It's quite nice.  Thanks babe!

Have a happy Tuesday evening.

-Dining Diva

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