Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Road Trip for Thanksgiving

Hello Party People!

Just a few more hours in the work day and then it's two days off and lots of food, family, and friends!  (I probably shouldn't be listing food first, how should I.  .  .). 

This Thanksgiving will be a little different than in other years.  I'm actually going with TK's family (mom, dad, sister) to his mom's sister's house in PA.  I think it will be about a 4.5 hour drive and we're leaving around 9 tomorrow morning.  This will be my first time meeting some of his extended family.  I hope they like me and the desserts I'm bringing.  And hopefully, my experience is nothing like "Poor Rob's."  Read this to know what I'm talking about. Thanksgiving at my house usually involves me in expandable pants. . . I probably shouldn't unbotton my pants and serve myself thirds at the BF's family, should I? 

Typically I like going back home to my little town and going out with all the people back in town for the Holiday at our local bar.  THAT won't be happening because I'll be in the kitchen tonight.  I had planned to bake my contributions last night, but that didn't happen because out of all the very important ingredients I had to pick up at the grocerey story last night at 8 p.m., I forgot a few of the BIGGIES.  1. Electric mixer, 2. rolling pin, 3. wax paper.

So instead of hitting the gym tonight after work, I'll be be burning things in my kitchen.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

-Dining Diva


  1. Have fun! And have a safe trip! I'm sure his family will love you :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! I found that meeting my husband's extended family was nowhere nearly as stressful as meeting his parents for the first time. It can even be fun! I'm sure they'll love your deserts!!

  3. I dyed over Jenny's post when I first read it. SO funny! Hope your visit went well!


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