Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Year of Blessings

Quite a bit has happened since I launched this blog back in 2008, especially over the past year.  Let's rewind and see what pictures I have on this computer to help tell the story of 2011:
My love proposed in an amazing way over Christmas 2010 on the beach with a plane flying overhead pulling a banner that displayed the the question.  I was beyond surprised. 

Celebrating - Dec. 2010

Dec. 2010: I'm engaged!
Jan. 2011: Sister's engaged
February 2011: Sister's married, Blonde Bombshell Winter Gathering
March: Lasik eye surgery changed my life -- I can see without contacts and it's amazing!
April: Sister is pregnant
May: Fiance and I wedding plan in Florida - meet with vendors and soak up the sun

Fourth of July with the Blondes - prego sister on the right!
June: Work trip to San Antonio, Texas, Visit with my hometown friend who lives near SA, 26th birthday
July: Fourth of July Blonde Bombshell Annual Celebration, Sister's Summer Wedding Reception Party
August: Bridal shower #1, Wine Tour Bachelorette Party
September: Labor Day Boating Party, Bridal Shower #2, Sister-In-Law Engaged
October: Dream destination wedding in Florida
December: Sister has adorable baby, I'm an aunt!

Dad and I

Just Married!

 And here is to an amazing year ahead! I'm so excited to be a wife and an aunt this year! My sister's little muffin Brecklyn is such a sweetheart.  Today she is one week and one day old.

Here's to hoping that I keep this blog up to date!

Happy New Year!
Dining Diva
We met with vendors in May 2011, including our photographer, to prepare for the big destination wedding!

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  1. Yay! So happy to have you back in blog land!! I miss you!


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