Friday, April 15, 2011

Sweet Moments

My amazing mom surprised us after our barbecue with this delicious cake!

Timmy and my Grampy.  So cute.
With my maid of honor.  The bridesmaid dresses are pretty close to her coral shirt.
Tim's sister, my bridesmaid, Missy.
Bella, our love muffin!
My matron of honor and sister, Tara, with Timmy!

{The photos above are all from a spring barbecue my parent's hosted at their house.  My family, Tim's family, Tara's family and my friend Jess, were all there to eat and enjoy a gorgeous day on the lake.}

I read wonderful blogs detailing wedding planning, daily.  I am impressed. And overwhelmed.  Which is pretty much why I have found myself reading blogs, but not writing posts for my own blog.  I am enjoying being engaged, but I feel like I should light a fire under my wedding planning ass.  Since I'm having a destination wedding, I don't have that much to do until I visit Florida in May and meet with vendors.  I would like to figure out my invitation suite.  I've been searching through fabulous designs on Etsy but have yet to make a decision.  I'm really looking forward to meeting with our vendors and checking some huge items off of our wedding to-do list such as:
- Meet minister, organize ceremony
- Meet with company responsible for setting up beach ceremony and decorating my rehearsal site
- Food tasting with caterer and making meal selections
- Cake tasting and making selections
- Finding a place for our welcome party, making selections
- Determining where we go to get our Florida marriage license
- Laying in the sun on the warm, white sand
- Splashing in the waves
- Riding beach cruiser around town
- Engagement photos
-Meet with Eddie, our steel drummer! Pretty excited to walk down the sandy aisle to the tunes calypso beats of Edwardo.

We need to figure out what Timmy and his men are going to be wearing, invites, programs, etc ...

Exciting stuff coming up.

~Dining Diva.

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  1. Love those photos and that cake is too cute. Your mom is so sweet. Love her!


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