Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Just Beachy!

So much has happened since I started blogging and lately, I have not been participating in the blog world.  I miss it.  And you would think this would be the time that I am knee-deep in the blog community, sharing my wedding planning successes and failures and reading about yours. 

Quick update:  I have set the date and location for my wedding: October 2011 in Clearwater Beach, Florida!
Eeek! I am SO excited that I am going to have my dream beach/destination wedding!  I have been going to the Gulf Coast of Florida for the past 20 years with my family and it is near and dear to my heart.  The surf and sand and sun make me oh. so. happy!  And it's where Tim and I were engaged. Actually, if you would, please click here to vote for our proposal so that I can win a trip!  :) It's a pretty great video, too!

What have I done so far?
 - Booked reception site

- Determined bridal party
- Wedding website
- Ordered bridal gown
- Booked photographer
-Booked reception music

I guess that's it.  So I actually do have much more to do.  But I'll get to it.  I'm trying to figure out the colors that I like and I've saved all of these photos and sent them to my decorator and hopefully she can come up with some kind of inspirational layout for my reception. 

~Dining Diva


  1. That first picture was one of my inspiration pictures for my bouquets too!

  2. So cute - I love those flowers!! Congrats on picking a venue!

  3. oh, those images are gorgeous! Love them! Congrats on your engagement!


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