Saturday, January 14, 2012

Magical Moments

Walking towards the Gulf for our sunset photos!

The 30 minutes of rain earlier in the day (that gave me an ulcer), helped to create this majestic sunset -- just what I was hoping for on our wedding night.

Some ladies dream of their wedding day from a young age.  That was never me.  But being a life long beach lover, I knew that I would love to one day say, "I do," on my favorite beach.  And I'm over the moon happy that that dream came true.  Clearwater Beach holds a special place in my heart because my family has been going there since I was about five.  We started off at St. Pete's beach for many years, and then moved to Clearwater Beach when my parent's purchased a fabulous beach home.  Now we celebrate Christmas there and it's always an amazing time with amazing company.  We were so overwhelmed at the amount of friends and family that traveled from across the United States to be there to celebrate with us.  I envisioned a small and intimate ceremony with 30 max -- but we had close to 100 people.  And we had so much fun beginning from the moment my mom and I headed down a week in advance -- carrying my gown through the airport.

More details to come!

~Dining Diva


  1. You were such a beautiful bride, y'all both looked great! Congratulations (Sorry so late!). Hope you're LOVING being married!

    I'll be celebrating a year of marriage on 4/30/12! Can't believe how fast time flies! :)

  2. That must be so romantic for both of you. You are looking fabulous in this voluminous pure white wedding gown.
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