Monday, May 24, 2010

Buns of Steel . . .

I should have them by now after all of the trips up and down three flights of steep stairs! 

This weekend:
Moved out of my apartment and cleaned it CHECK
Moved Tim out of his apartment and cleaned it CHECK
Moved all of our stuff into our brand new apartment CHECK

What a workout that was! And I was upset that I wouldn't have time to go running at the park this weekend . . . I think the heavy lifting while walking up stairs took care of burning calories!  We're on the third floor and I love it.   I can't wait to hang up photos and get it decorated. . . but that is going to have to wait.

Tomorrow morning I leave for a work conference in Aspen, CO -- which I must say, I am really excited about! I'm looking forward to seeing friends that I have made at previous conferences and also exploring the beautiful area! I've never been to Colorado before.  Any suggestions on must-sees in the Aspen area?  I know we are having a media mixer at Snowmass Resort - so that should be pretty amazing!

Then Tim is flying into Denver, CO later this week and will get a rental car and drive up to Aspen to stay with me in what looks like a pretty fabulous resort.  THEN we are going to drive back to Denver and he's going to give me the tour and I think try to convince me to move there.  :)  He loves Denver.  I mentioned before that he did his year-long residency there a few years ago and had the time of his life.  If it weren't for me, I know he'd be back there and living.  But I would have to think that he's take the Dining Diva over Denver.  :)  Right?

So decorating and unpacking will have to wait for a little over a week.  Then it's going to be June and I just can't believe it! Every weekend in June I have something fun scheduled, which is kind of crazy.  I was never a planner, but my girlfriend from college (a super-duper planner) inspired me to make plans in order to be able to not let life pass by without participating.

Be sure to give me some travel tips if you'd like on what to see and do in Aspen!  I love to purchase jewelry when I travel, too. So if you know of amazing (but affordable) boutiques, let me know.

Have an amazing week!
~Dining Diva

P.S. Happy Belated birthday to one of the bestest friends in the world, That's Sassy! She has quite an exciting month ahead of her including her wedding and moving to Texas! 


  1. Thanks for the shout out!! Im sure you got your exercise quota in for the weekend!! Cant wait to see the new apt:) Have fun in Colorado and take lots of pics!

  2. i am so jealous! i LOVE Aspen! I grew up in Denver and miss it so should move there :o)

    i would recommend just going in to every little shop you can possibly stand. There are so many cute little places and you will definitely find some fun jewelery!

    Have a blast!!!

  3. Oh..!!I love to visit Denver one of these days,I still didn't get a chance to visit the place and I really envy you.!I am pretty much sure that you really enjoy your Trip in Denver.!!Just enjoy yourself wherever you want to go.!!And don't bring your problems on your trips.
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