Thursday, May 20, 2010

Paging Dr. Google

We all have done it before. Right?  We have some symptoms and go to Google and do some research on our own.  I know medical professionals typically tell us not to do that, because the Internet is swarming with so much information it's easy to self-diagnose yourself with something awful, when in reality, it's just a little bloating or something else minor.  Well, years ago I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and I really never did Google it.  I was young and just listened to my doctor and began taking the Pill to fix my problem and that was that.  Well fast-forward almost ten years and now I have so many random symptoms and I'm just putting it together that I think they're all related to my PCOS.  Today I did some Googling action and came across a fabulous PCOS message board filled with tons of helpful information. I have my annual doctor's appointment in July but I have so many questions I want answered right now.  My best friend in a RN and she said that people really have to be there own health advocate because doctors are honestly just too busy to give each and every patient the time and thought they deserve.  Sad and scary, huh?

Does anyone out there have PCOS with me or has anyone else had to be their own Dr. Google?

~Dining Diva


  1. I think my best friend has that .... I would have to ask her, but I really think so!

  2. You really have a point..!!Well,honestly this is my first time knowing that kind of disease..!!I just hope that you'll be okay and keep on paring to God..!!God job.!!

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