Friday, May 14, 2010

My Calendar is FULL

I can't keep up.  May has been crazy busy and it's only the 14th! This week at work has totally exhausted me - but it was awesome!  And this weekend is crazy busy - but it's going to be great, as well! These are the times of our lives, right?  I'm sure one day I'll look back and wish I could rewind to now - so no complaining - just keep on moving and take pictures!

But just to write this down so I can remember this week.
1. The race organizers for a major triathlon that is coming to town visited this week and we held a press conference to announce some exciting news.  Already over 40 states and 12 nations are represented by the 1,600 athletes already registered - and the event is still months away!

2. Yesterday I hosted close to ten very important journalists from Tel-aviv, Israel and they were fascinating! Now I actually want to visit the country.  One of the ladies has interviewed amazing people such as Oprah and owns her own magazine which is comparable to our Elle magazine.  Incredible, right?  Another is not only is a media maven - but also is a coach of a pro-basketball team in Israel.  They were awesome and it was such an honor to host them.  I'll always remember yesterday.

Now it's Friday.  Hopefully going to burn some calories tonight and then have a nice dinner date with my bf and her bf at a local Italian restaurant.  Mmmm... then I have quite the Saturday to look forward to.  It's That's Sassy's! wedding shower in the morning (just picked up a few cute dresses at The Limited to possibly wear tomorrow) and then I have my pseudo-brother's high school graduation party - then it's back to That's Sassy! and her bachelorette party.  And this is a note to myself: PLEASE DO NOT DRINK SO MUCH THAT YOU'RE HUNGOVER ON SUNDAY BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO PACK YOUR ENTIRE APARTMENT AND GET MOVING.

I hope I listen to myself.  So Sunday will be packing day.  Then by next Saturday - my love muffin and I should be moved in together and "living in sin" according to some.  I feel kind of bad about it- but I'm really excited. 

Happy Friday!
~Dining Diva

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