Friday, October 30, 2009

Wizard of Oz @ Work

In true Halloween fashion, our staff at work is dressed in the theme of the musical, "Wicked," because it's coming to town in 2010.  It's pretty funny.  My roommate/co-worker is Glenda the Good Witch.  We have the Wicked Witch, Dorothy, the field of poppies, a Munchkin, the lion, and scarecrow. 

I didn't dress up but I have black outfit on and orange headband.  I didn't really have anything to contribute today.  Plus, I'm totally not feeling like a team player at work because our budget has been slashed and I'm sure there are going to be layoffs, and it's just a blah kind of mood at work right now.  Our management team is sucking it up with their ability to communicate with the staff and it's just bad. 

Last night the BF and I actually bumped into "That's Sassy!" at UNO's during dinner.  It was nice to see her and be able to say goodbye to her lover before he leaves for Texas.  (After they get married in June, she will also be going to Texas with him.  He's in the Airforce.)

We basically drank our dinner because they have this awesome raspberry lemonade alcoholic beverage that is delicious.  The BF is kind of annoyed about his current job situation, as am I.  So we drank and chatted.  Our food wasn't that good. I think you should just go with pizza when eating there.  Not steak or chicken.  Duh! I should have known that.  But the job stuff is difficult because neither of us really love where we live, however, our family is here.  Moving is not out of the question. 

Thank God it's Friday!

I want to go horseback riding this weekend! This was last year.
-Dining Diva

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  1. Sorry to hear abour your job situation dearie! Definitly need to fill me in sassy!


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