Friday, October 2, 2009

Bad Blogger

That's what I am. I haven't written anything in so long. I'm happy to be back. First off, I was just reading some blogs and I FELL IN LOVE with the entire wedding theme and photography of Vineyard Vogue. The pictures are so beautiful and I love it all. Speaking of weddings, my friend That's Sassy! picked out her bridesmaid dresses and they look very pretty. I'm so excited for her wedding - even though it's still a ways away. In other wedding news, my other lovely friend Kara send me the Web site link to her wedding venue for next fall, and that looks breathtaking, as well. Check it out:

Here's a snapshot into my current life:

1. I'm car shopping. What a pain! I am totally car-stupid and don't like feeling that way. I believe that I have narrowed down my search to a Nissan Rogue, Toyota Rav4 or a Honda CRV. I have not decided upon new/used, buy/lease. So many decisions to be made. And I'm poor. Well, I will be once I make this purchase. I do have someone looking at my rear-wheel drive (NOT GOOD IN CNY WINTERS) Jeep this weekend. So I hope he wants it!

2. I'm going home to my hometown for homecoming this weekend. My parents and I are running in a 5K road race in the morning. Mind you, I haven't been running at all lately. It should be fun.

3. My pants seem to be fitting a little loosely lately, which is actually quite exciting! I am not sure what the reasoning is behind this, but I hope it keeps happening. All I can think of is that it has something to do with this new medicine I have to take because now I have been diagnosed with ULCERATIVE COLITIS. How fortunate, I know.

4. I bought this gorgeous bracelet and necklace in California on my recent vacation and it broke. I had to send it back and I just got a new one and I am even more in love with it than I was before. Actually, a lady at work fell in love with it today and I gave her the stores name and she called and just bought one for herself. I think I should get some free jewelery for that.

5. I'm going to my parent's house in Clearwater Beach, Florida next Friday - Monday with my BF and parents. I'm looking forward to that because the weather right now is already kicking in my annual seasonal depression.

Have a great weekend!
-Dining Diva

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  1. Car shopping SUCKS, big time. Have fun with that and good luck! I want to see the necklace and I want to know where you got it, post a pic!! ;)
    Have a great weekend. PS...thanks for thinking I'm so funny...I'm freaking hilarious in person! Haha!


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