Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday - and I'm excited that she'll be going with my dad to the beautifully quaint village of Skaneateles (one of the Finger Lakes and also on the NY Post's "100 places to go - Summer 2009). I hope they have a great time. They should because in the meantime, my sister is being a complete biotch and has not talked to my mom since MOTHER'S DAY due to her crazy boyfriend. Life is just way too short that that crap! So I want my mom to enjoy her day today!

And TGIF! Seriously. This has been an insanely busy week at work and my eyes are tired of typing away at my computer. I have written SO much this week and put together everything for a few upcoming press conferences and stuff like that. I enjoy it, but it's kind of stressful! Oh and in the middle of all of the craziness, the assistant of the president of our company came to me to ask if I would write the "President's Perspective" this week, because she (the prez) wasn't happy with what her communications people came up with. HELLO PRESSURE. I really didn't want to do it - but I did. And actually the prez herself ( I didn't even know she knew my name...) came over to my office to say thank you and that she didn't change anything and that I'm a great writer! Wow. That was pretty exciting, I'm not going to lie. So that was a good way to end my week! But I'm still sick of typing on my computer - hence my lack of blogging.

My dad's taking the docks out this weekend. :o( That means the boating season has ended. And the dreaded anticipation of shitty weather is nearing. Fortunately, I love fall and that will come before the freezing temps and snow.

Also - I want to go to the outlet mall this weekend to shop for some new fall clothing and bring my mom for a girls' day! And I need to buy a new car!

I test drove a Jetta and Nissan Rogue this week and went to get my Jeep checked out today to find out the trade-in value. But the sales guy kind of pissed me off. I felt like a.)he didn't really respect me, b.)didn't call me by name OR shake my hand c.)wouldn't tell me the trade-in value because he is a jerk car salesman So I don't know what to do. Car shopping is a royal pain.

Have a good weekend! I'm so glad it is almost here!!!

-Dining Diva

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