Thursday, October 29, 2009

Date Night

Tonight is our date night that was supposed to happen two Thursdays ago, but thanks to the nice little airplane sickness I was greeted with upon my return home from Florida, that never happened.

We are going to go grab some dinner somewhere and then go to the movies. What movie you ask? I don’t know. I actually never go to the movies and don’t really have the attention span or interest to sit through an entire movie for that matter. But that’s what the BF wants to do. I’ll let you know what movie we see and how it is.

This week has draggggged by. Thank God it’s Friday tomorrow. Then I can rock out in my sexy Bat Girl costume. The BF is going to be Batman. I actually am not a huge fan of Halloween (hence my decision not to dress up at work tomorrow while everyone else does) but it’s just not my thing. But I will be going out Saturday night to have some much needed fun.

I’m really trying to step it up on my Blog. I’ve been doing it since March and only have nine friends! :( That’s pretty pathetic. Hopefully I’ll get some more soon! But I do appreciate all nine of my friends. Thanks for reading and your comments!

Have a good night!

-Dining Diva

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  1. It was soo nice seeing you last night at Unos!! Definitly can't wait to catch up more soon...soo much gossip to discuss!! Also what movie did you see?


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