Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Totally Tuesday

I don't have too much exciting to report, so I tried to use some alliteration in the title to spice up the post. :o) So, it's just a regular old Tuesday in the summer except it doesn't really feel like the summer! This has been the coldest weather - ever! I'm getting ready to move south - seriously.
I've been car-less since last night because my signal blinkers broke and I had to take my Jeep into the shop. The guy from there just called me to report that the problem is fixed - it just took a $2 light bulb - however, I owe them $130! As if. Would they make a guy pay that. He said it was a lot of work to put it in and take the dashboard apart. I'll just pay it I suppose- I need my car back! But this is a motivator to get a move on my car hunt. I want to sell my Jeep because it's rear wheel drive and that is unacceptable in the horrible winters that we have. I bought it in Florida and it just doesn't fly in New York. So I'm thinking about leasing the Nissan Rouge or the VW Jetta. I need to test drive them. Researching cars and getting a good deal is so not fun for me.

This weekend we have the Iron Girl Triathlon coming to our city. A couple of the girls that I work with are doing it (I should be too! but I am a slacker). So my roommate is one of those girls and I am so proud of them all! They are busy training this week. I don't know what I'll do for exercise tonight because I just quit my gym membership for the summer. Probably I"ll just run outside.

This is a boring post - I'm sorry.

Hopefully something exciting will happen and I can tell you about it.

-Dining Diva


  1. Hahaha...maybe lol I was thinking that it would be more fun after the ceremony and when we walk back down the aisle...either that or I definitly want to have our first dance be something fun or father daughter dance lol

  2. i promise you don't want the south's weather right now!!!


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