Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oh baby - I'm out of shape!

I'm sitting here typing and thinking about how much my back and butt are aching! ha Last night I showed up at an indoor center (so hot inside with no air conditioning and 90 degrees outside, but that is beside the point!) for some adult field hockey. HOLY HELL. I did not realize what I was getting myself into. I found my field hockey sticks from high school (about seven years ago!) at my parent's house over the weekend and got the desire to play. So I show up to see all of these girls that play or played DI hockey in college. That means they are kick-butt hockey players. I was no superstar player in high school - and it's not like I've improved over the past few years. Well, it was an intense workout for sure -in fact, I haven't sweat that much in long time. We play three 20 minute periods and I wanted to croak. haha I am just out of shape to be playing intense field hockey. And the sad part is I do exercise pretty regularly. But I am not doing sprints and diving for balls on a daily basis. So it's just every Tuesday, so I wonder if I'll go next week. I think I pretty much sucked, so I don't know if they would even want me to. But I'm glad I did go and I forgot how much I love the sport. But I can't believe I use to play all the time and be in such good shape. I'm only 24 - this is pathetic. Time to kick it into gear.

-Dining Diva

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  1. LOL Awww dearie..I cant believe they were all D-1 athelees...I would have defintly sucked up!! My ball handling skills were never that good they would be able to take the ball right away from me lol If you want to try again, I would go with you so we would have each other!! What position did you play? I hope they werent really competitive because I dont do well when they are all like fh is my life and Im like yeah I like it was fun to play but I am not pro and dont plan on playing forever lol Sorry you are sore! You better stretch good sassy I miss you!


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