Thursday, July 9, 2009

{Hello Vacation!}

I've been a bad blogger lately! Sorry for my MIA. Did I mention that on my Ottawa media blitz I met with a few bloggers, and have actually invited them here to experience our city and blog about it. What a great way to have an all expense paid trip! I'd be happy to travel for free and write about it. :o)

Speaking of travelling, the BF and I are leaving for Cape May, NJ tomorrow morning for a mini-summer vacation. I'm excited! I've been looking at Cape May Web sites and the little town looks so cute and fun. Hopefully I'll have some great pics to share with you.

Last night, That's Sassy! met me for a walk at a park and then came over to my new apartment for the first time. I missed her (you)! We also exchanged long over-due birthday gifts with each other. She gave me the nicest gifts - a best friends book and a Darling Diva body lotion. I love both, but especially the book! That was so special. We have been friends since forever and will be.

What else. . .oh! The 4th of July was a great weekend. I had Friday off, so I ran some errands and then went home to the parent's house to spend the day at the lake. Then the BF came over after work (he had to work! that was crappy) and we spent the night at my parents. Then Saturday we went time on the lake and then went to his friend's 4th party at his house on another lake. It was really nice. Then we watch two sets of fireworks and came back to his place. Then! We went back to my parents for a gorgeous day on the boat on Sunday and then came home. It was a lot of water time, which I love. I must say though, this is the least amount of partying and bar time ever for a summer. I think since I've moved out of "the beach" I have had less desire to party it up. And maybe because I'm busy loving up the BF, I am no longer "on the prowl" which would typically describe my partying goals. :o) A girl's always got to look.

So tonight I'll got to Wegmans and get some groceries to bring on our vaca so we can make breakfast and lunch and bring to the beach and then have fabulous dinners out. Apparently, many of the restaurants in Cape May are BYOB, so I have to bring some alcohol and wine, too. I actually bought a bottle of Sangria yesterday...Who knew you could buy bottled sangria?

Wishing everyone a fantastic Thursday and weekend!

Dining Diva

P.S. If anyone would like to stay at at downtown Pittsburgh hotel tomorrow night, I have one for you! I used and bid on the wrong dates for a hotel room (I'm an idiot, I Know. . .) and once your bid is accepted, you can't get out of it! So if you want to take a random trip to the 'Burgh, let me know!

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  1. So glad to have you back in the blog world!! I had a wonderful time last night catching up. Your apt is quite sassy!!! Have a fabulous time on your trip and take lots of pictures!!


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