Thursday, June 10, 2010

Celebrity Sighting . .. sort of

So Adam Richman of "Man v. Food" has been in my city for the past few days and it has been pretty cool.  I've been working with the producers via email for the past few months; but it was really cool to physically watch some of the episode be taped last night.  Plus, Adam interviewed me! So who knows, I could be on the Travel Channel! :) That is pretty exciting, if I do say so myself. 

So I brought Tim and my friend Jess and her boyfriend Jeff with me to the taping last night.  We got our photo with Adam, and the person taking the photo said, "Say Man versus food!" - so I did.  I think he caught me in mid-sentence, so as Alan would say on "The Hangover," I look like a total 'tard.  So does Timmy.  lol (And I really don't like that word - but that movie is too freaking funny, so I had to use it!) Oh well - I hope I don't look so fat and ugly on TV (if they happen to use any of the interview...which who knows).  But I will totally be watching in September to see my city shine on "Man v. Food!"

This other picture is just so cute.  This little boy is a huge fan of the show and had come prepared with a letter he wrote to Adam back in May.  Adam signed it.  Little boy was so very excited!

~ Dining Diva


  1. I LOVE Man v Food! SO jealous you got to work with the show and meet Adam!!!!

  2. How exciting!! Your job has soo many perks:) Cant wait to see you next week sassy!

  3. I love that show! He is a great host!

  4. V. cool. I love all the many facial expressions of the Dining Diva.


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