Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another Wonderful Wedding...

was had this past weekend.  One of my best friends for life, That's Sassy!, married the love of her life. I was so happy to be able to a part of her special day and be a bridesmaid. Sass looked gorgeous and the wedding and reception were both beautiful!  The rehersal dinner was also great - especially the location, scenery and delicious food! Now Sass will be leaving to move with her hubby to Texas because he's in the Air Force.  I'm going to miss her and our long walks and lunchtime chats.  But I'm also very excited for her! Congrats, That's Sassy!

Sunday was Father's Day and I spent it at my parent's house on the lake. It was a picture perfect, gorgeous day for the boat.  We had a great day together with a group of families that we're friends with.  Everyone has the same kind of boat - so we can all tie up together and chillax.  Very fun.  I should have worn sun screen -but the burn has left the building, and I finally have a summer tan!  My Dad is the greatest dad. I'm blessed with a wonderful family.

Monday was my Grammy and Grampy's 63rd wedding anniversary.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I'm excited! I can't believe I'm going to be 25! I feel like this year has flown by.  My 24th birthday was so special last year because of Tim.  He told me he loved me and we went golfing and went to my parent's house with friends and hit up the lake.  I'm going to work tomorrow but I took Friday off.  Tim's dad has open heart surgery last week - so he may be getting out of the hospital tomorrow.

Also, I just sat through my first (and hopefully last) earthquake here at my desk! It was pretty exciting.  And I went right to Twitter to confirm.  It's crazy that Twitter is where breaking news is at, way before CNN or MSNBC.

Have a great day!

~Dining Diva 


  1. What fun times! Happy early birthday!! Hope it's wonderful, and congrats to your grandparents! what an accomplishment :)

  2. Happy (now belated) birthday. Hope you got that bday wish you were hoping for ;)
    Can't wait to join you on the boat next weekend!

  3. Hi sassy!! Hope you had a fun birthday weekend!! We are on our adventure to the south!! When I come up at the end of July, we MUST get together!
    Love you lots!


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