Friday, April 23, 2010

Traveling Yogurt

First off - thanks to all for the helpful comments on my previous post about reading.  I'm going to look into all of the authors and books you've suggested; thank you.

I'm not sure if this yogurt is available across the country, but I have just fallen in love with Stonyfield Organic Strawberry Pomegranate Smooth & Creamy yogurt.  And it's loaded with probiotics, so it's like taking a pill, but it tastes good! Actually, my doctor told me that eating yogurts with probiotics is just like taking a probiotic pill.  Well, kind of.  And this tasty treat is from Wayside Farm, VT.  Yummo!

Next week I head back to Ottawa, ON for work and then May will be here! My first wedding of the season is May 1 - so I'm quite excited.  I have a pretty deep purple dress I'm planning on wearing - I just need to get some shoes.   May is going to be so busy because not only do I need to move out of my current apartment and clean - I then need to move into our new apartment and unpack.  I also have That's Sassy!'s bridal shower and bachelorette party! Then I'm off to Aspen, CO and Denver!  woo woo! I'm so excited for my trip! It's for a really fun conference and this is my third year attending it and I have made some friends from across the country; so I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone.  Then I believe that Tim is going to fly out and meet me and drive to Denver with me and give me the grand tour.  I think I've mentioned this before, but he LOVES Denver.  If it weren't for meeting me, I bet he'd already be back there - living and working.  So I'm excited to experience it.

I hope everyone has a good weekend.


~Dining Diva

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  1. May sounds like it is going to be a great month for you! Never tried that yogurt - but if I could eat yogurt I definitely would. It sounds yummy!


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