Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Wonderful Life

I can't believe how long it's been since I've written; and I can't believe it's April and today was Easter.  Where has the time gone?  March is my least favorite month of the year and it actually flew by this year.  I think that was because I was super busy at work and also took a week off to do that road trip with my love muffin.  Work was really busy because my city was the host of a major sporting event and I had a lot to do with all of the media in town, as well as acting as the spokesperson.  I actually made some large strides on that aspect of my career because in the past, I have been very nervous to do interviews; I'm just afraid I won't know the answers and will look like an idiot. But everything worked out and it was a great time.  Now it's April and work is still SO busy. I'm glad I'm busy but I feel like I'm submerged underwater and my to-do list is holding me down.  But work chat is boring so let's get to some more exciting information.

Our roadtrip was fun and we did find an area in VA that we liked and would seriously consider moving to.  Tim (no longer calling him T) had an interview in Newport News and really liked the dental office and staff.  I didn't really like Newport News all that much (I'm sure I need to explore the area more) but I did like Williamsburg and York County.  If anyone is from that area or has any suggestions on places to check out if we take another trip to the area, that would be great!  So everything is really up in the air regarding T's job situation, but he did put in his 30 day notice so he's got to figure something out.

Next. My living situation.  My lease is up with my roommate at the end of May and T and I are thinking it would make sense to just move in together.  This wasn't really my ideal situation, but it seems like it just may happen. So because his job and future are up in the air (will we be moving or won't we?) that kind of makes this lease signing a pain in the butt.  Plus, I have a gorgeous (but huge and heavy) bedroom set and I can't afford to have some moving company moving it from here to there and the next place.  So by the end of the week I need to figure that out.  I could move in with T or he could move in with me.

This weekend was fabulous.  I had Friday off and the weather was gorgeous! I went to my parents' house and spent my time laying in the sun and drinking delicious wine.  I also enjoyed a delicious Easter dinner with T's family and then another with mine today.  We went to church today, too.  I haven't been since Christmas, so it was really nice to go.  We went to a beautiful Catholic Cathedral and I'm not Catholic and I felt nervous through the entire Mass.  I felt like I could feel people staring at me because I didn't do what everyone else did; I just kind of sat there.  It was very nice though.

So this week is another busy work week but it ends with a trip to NYC to visit my college besties who I haven't seen since Memorial Day weekend. 

I'm truly blessed with a wonderful life filled with loving family and friends. I sure do have so much to be thankful for.

I hope you had a great Easter.

~Dining Diva

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