Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sweet Success!

... ahhh .  .   .  I'm glad that is over with!  I can't tell you the amazing sensation I have after finishing something that had me nervous - the sense of relief is wonderful!  I mentioned yesterday that I had a press conference this morning; well it's over with and I had an amazing media turn out! (I was extra nervous because the last press conference I had NO MEDIA showed up).  THAT is a very bad feeling and nothing anyone can control.  But we had some big shots participating in the conference so it would have been bad if no media came.  So I'm relieved!  It was actually pretty sassy of a set-up: we had two 52 inch flat screen tvs on both sides of the podium and some other great visuals.  I'm happy and ready for some wine!  The BF is making me dinner tonight and I've requested a bottle of wine for myself and seafood.  haha Last year when he was still trying to wine and dine me, he surprised me with a delicious meal of grilled sea bass and asparagus.  Mmm. . . So maybe it will be that again.  We'll see!

I love blogging and reading all of your blogs because it seems like there is def. a theme among many blogs that mentions our efforts towards eating healthy and exercising. . . and the many challenges to stick to a healthy lifestyle.  Yes?  Well I just wanted to say that last night I was exhausted after work and I sat on the coach eating a bag of the fat free lays potato chips.  (Why do I even buy chips is the real question - they are my weakness).  So there I sat on my butt thinking about how I needed to be at the gym.  I chatted on the phone with my mom and she gave me a little motivation and after I polished off the bag (bad! I know. . . at least they were ff, right?) I got dressed and headed to the gym for a great run.  I totally get runners' high and I feel so great at the end. . . I wish I felt that great BEFORE getting on the treadmill. . . Does anyone else agree with me?

Well I'm so excited about all of my new followers and I'd like to welcome you all to my blog.  It started off focused on my adventures at restaurants and going out to eat (i.e. The Dining Diva's Dish), however, it has turned into more of a personal journal.

I hope you enjoy!  (.  .  . and don't forget to sign up to win my giveaway!  Winner will be chosen on 1/20/2010).

~Dining Diva

And I wish I was back here instead of looking out my window at snow!  It's my parents and I in Florida this past October.


  1. Oh my gosh, I totally relate to the runner's high, everytime I walk out of the gym, I say to myself "Why did I have to drag myself here when I feel so great after?!"

  2. I most def agree with you on the runners high! I get it all the time & after spin, like I just did something that was impossible. I wish I got that high BEFORE it and not try and not myself out of it the whole way there ;)


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