Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Snow, Slopes & Skis

I am back from a fantastic weekend! I'm so happy that I went and proud of myself that I actually wasn't too bad of a beginning skier!  I took a lesson with a ski instructor Saturday morning so that I would ski with T and his friends (who were very nice and fun) for the rest of the afternoon.  I must preface my skiing adventure with the fact that I was SUPER nervous and could barely type my information in the computer at the ski rental shop because my hands were shaking.  I was just scared.  The lesson def. was worth while and I couldn't have asked for more of a beautiful day.  It was the perfect temperature and the sunshine painted the clear blue sky; the Vermont skyline dotted in mammoth pine trees was breathtaking.

After our skiing adventure we drove in to Manchester, VT and ate at a tasty Mexican restaurant and looked around some of the outlet shops.  I def. treated myself to many margaritas to celebrate putting my big girl snow pants on and skiing!  We were so exhausted afterwards that we crashed on T's friends beautiful furniture and watched a movie and passed out by 10 p.m.

T's friends have a beautiful home in Saratoga Springs, NY which is home to the Saratoga Race Track.  It's a great little town and I really enjoyed myself there. (It kind of made us feel bad about our vague future and tiny little apartments, but not too bad.)  We actually will be going back there for their wedding this July; that will be fun.

Here are some pictures!

Notice the white spot on my right butt cheek - yea, that would be from one of my wipe outs.


  1. You are so brave! I can totally relate - I am not a winter sports person and would also much rather hang out on the beach. The only skiing I have ever tried is cross country (I'm afraid even of the tiniest slopes - something about not being able to stop). But congrats on overcoming your fear! And having some fun too!

  2. wow gorgeous!!!! what a great weekend!

  3. awe great pics! And memories, I'm sure! Glad you had fun :)


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