Friday, January 8, 2010

Almost 100!

News flash! Somehow I am typing my 99th post right now!  That's amazing.  So that means its time for the Dining Diva to get planning her 100th post giveaway! That's right party people!  And what will it be?  How about a gift card to Target?! I think that would be an enjoyable gift for most people.  What do you think?

Who else is happy it's Friday!?  I know I am.  I plan on exercising tonight and then going ice skating with the boy toy and grabbing some appetizers and drinks at one of the cute restaurants in our downtown area.  It's time to embrace the cold and snow! Right?! 

So if you are looking for weekend plans, I strongly suggest you grab a friend and see "It's Complicated."  It was a great movie and I really loved it.  I am not a huge movie buff - but I thought it was a great flick.

As far as my cooking adventures go - I am planning on using my new wonderful cooking tool; the crock pot! I have made two tasty meals with it so far and am thinking about tyring to make a soup or barbecue pork sandwiches with it this weekend.  (I'm slowly but surely working on my domestication skills.  It's a work in progress but I am having fun in the process).  Any tips on great and easy meals/appetizers to make to impress guests would be most appreciated.

Oh! And I'm doing a girls day tomorrow morning with my sister and we are going to go shopping.  This is our first "sisterly" outing in a LONG time; I 'm looking forward to it.  I hope I get some great deals.  I want to get a new bed set for my sassy king sleigh bed but don't want to spend a ton.  Do you know if you sign up for the Bed, Bath & Beyond newsletter you automatically get a 20% off coupon for most anything in the store?  DING! I just printed one of those bad boys and am hoping to pick up a big, fat down bedding set tomorrow.

Enjoy and Relax!
-Dining Diva


  1. Sounds like a great weekend you have lined up :) And thanks for the info about the 20% off...that could really come in handy! And I am right there with you, I did my 98th post today! Where has the time gone??

  2. I love how you are going to go workout and ice you crazy gal!! Sounds like a fun weekend! Have a good time tomorrow and lets plan on next weekend for bridesmaid dresses:)

  3. Awesome, who doesn't love Target! Sounds like a fun weekend, enjoy!


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