Sunday, March 31, 2013


Easter Greetings! I hope you enjoyed a special day with your loved ones -- I had a blessed day for sure.  Tim and I tried out a new church this morning -- it didn't really speak to either of us, but I was happy to be at church. . . I'm hoping to improve my relationship with God and feel strong in my Faith.  Growing up we always attended church, and then three of my grandparents passed within a year time period due to cancer and I think that year pushed our Faith to the crapper.  Now that we're thinking about babies, I really want to feel confident in my relationship and I obviously have some work to do . . . I'll keep you posted on that development.

Back to today ... We came home and started preparing food in the kitchen for our Easter dinner celebration.  We hosted my parents, grandparents and Tim's parents today and we all enjoyed each others' company.

I was excited with how our Easter decorations came together.  Take a look!
Fancy for me! I was excited with how the table came out!

Fun favor! I used left-over "Chinese take-out" boxes from our candy bar at our wedding and filled them with Easter candy.  
Mom made Yum Yum cake and the its name fit its flavor.
Ha! Rice Krispie flower bouquet gone bad . . . but they still tasted good.
Welcome! (We need to get a spring wreath -- any suggestions on where to find one?)

Relaxing after a filling meal.  I was happy to have my grandparents here today.

I hope you had a great day and have a great week!

GAME OF THRONES IS ON TONIGHT! Love me some dragons!


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  1. Happy Easter my dear! Looks like you were a beautiful hostess!! Glad it was a successful dinner!

    I will keep you in my prayers as you renew your faith and strengthen your relationship with God! Love you lots!


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