Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Holy Honeymoon Happiness

Wow! I can't believe I left you (if there actually are any of you left who actually read this) hanging without a recap on our honeymoon that happened over a year ago!  I had NO IDEA how amazing our resort was until I arrived. My hubby surprised me with our honeymoon from the location to the time of year we took the trip -- and boy, did he do well! We honeymooned in St. Lucia at Sandals Grande for the first half of our trip and then we spent our remaining time at the most amazing resort in the Caribbean, Jade Mountain.  We had our own Sanctuary with a priceless view of the Pitons, as well as our very own infinity pool.  It was beyond insane and definitely a trip I'll never forget.  
Oh, you know, just chilling in my Sanctuary with the birds and my infinity pool.

Jade Mountain is all about customer service, in fact, we had two of our very own Majordomos available by cell phone at any moment.  Our Majordomo took a few photos for us in our pool.

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