Thursday, March 28, 2013

Back to the Beach

In celebration of our upcoming beach vacation, I thought I'd take a hot second to share a few more wedding photos and details with you.
Eddie the steel drummer was an awesome addition to our special day.  I was thrilled with all of the vendors I selected based solely upon online reviews and a few emails - - and Eddie was no exception.  From "Canon in D" and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" to Bob Marley's "One Love," the steel drum music was perfect for a beach wedding.

Immediately following our ceremony we had a trolley transport our guests to our reception venue for an outdoor cocktail hour and Eddie went to the cocktail hour too.  Tim and I missed out on the cocktail hour because we were capturing our sunset photos ---looking back, I think it stinks to miss the cocktail hour.  
My muffin, Timmy, walking with his guys to get married. I love all of the bare feet -- so natural. In case you're wondering, we ordered Tim's suit from J.Crew after much searching for a lightweight suit.

Dad and I walking toward the action.  Ironically there was another wedding set up nearby (which I didn't know about!) and  they waited to start their ceremony.

Enjoying our signature cocktail, Sunset Sangria.  

I had planned every detail of our day including a TON of logistics. Unexpected rain earlier in the day gave me the biggest stomach ache and here I am leaning on my stomach trying not to vomit.  So dumb because the rain cooled the air and created a gorgeous sunset.   

I loved the strap on my dress.

Family enjoying the "destination" part of the wedding!

Just married, bitches!

My sister was six months pregnant and looked fantastic!

 So there you have another look into that special day that took place more than a year ago.  Timmy and I will be back at the beach next week with our family and we CANNOT wait to escape the winter depression and lack of sunshine!

Now I'm trying to pack and instead keep eating jelly beans.

Any questions for me?!  I hope to stay on track and keep blogging.  I have a question for you: how do I spice up my blog layout?  I think I need to learn some basic graphic design skills.

Happy Sweet 16! My team plays soon!


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  1. What a beautiful wedding and GORGEOUS bride you are! I love that you met your hubby online. I am always telling my girlfriends that it works! Thanks for visiting my blog. I am a new fan and follower of yours! Oh-and I'm from up north too. NJ that is! ( :


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